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getting squirted?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NXTNL9, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. hey just wondering am i the onli one who gets squirted at or do you guys cop it too?
    wat i mean is i ride behind a car, and they see me, so they use the washer jets to wash their windows and half of the shit ends up on my bike and helmet!
    today i washed my bike after work and was riding on the freeway and some girl in front of me squirrted me! arghh
    ive been riding 4 3months and its happend around 4-5 tyms now!

  2. Don't worry yourself over this ... happens all the time.
    If it stresses you out that much, you can always get one put on the rear of your bike. Not really that hard to rig up either.
  3. make sure you add some yellow dye, for that "authentic" look.
  4. If a driver did that on purpose, at least they are aware you are there!

    But don't get excited next time it happens. Sometimes a car's windshield genuinely needs a clean.
  5. are you following the car really close and is the sun setting/rising and are you facing it? that's the most likely time some one will notice that their windshield is dirty and they can't see sht. So they will squirt you then.
  6. yeah, I'd be surprised if it's intentional.
  7. Washer fluid is ok. Shit and piss from cattle trucks is definitely NOT!

    Ask me how I know :roll:
  8. +1 :sick: :furious:
  9. i think its rude to do it when your driving and can be unsafe as well.

    when your driving it goes on other cars and makes other people have to do it.
    and can ruin your vision while water is being sprayed.

    the time and the place to do it is at traffic lights, or pull over and do it on a long trip(shoul;d be stopping every 2 hours)
  10. + 2 :censored:

    (One of the few times I've deliberately ignored the speed limit and just cranked it wide open!)
  11. It often is deliberate... I know a few fellas and girls who think its funny...
    you can tell if they keep looking in their rear vision mirror. Eh just give them the finger like every other tool on the road...
  12. why not? It gives us bmw riders that Ewan and Charlie 'just come from the badlands' look about us :D
  13. Well, if _joel_ wasn't going to make a comment . . . .
  14. I used to have a jet that was out of place and squirted straight over the top of my car, so I was pretty careful when (and who) I squirted. I would only do it in traffic if some idiot 4WD needed a gentle reminder to get off my ar$e.
  15. It has since been fixed.
  16. Where did you find a hot pink GPZ500???? :shock:
  17. I painted it that colour- Had the paint made up to match a bottle of nail polish..

    Why, do you want one??
  18. Nah my house is already that colour... :p

    Full points, its one of a kind!
  19. Actually, there's two- my friend has a blue one the same, they're quite a pair!!
  20. My dad had a GPZ600R when I was a kid, god i loved that bike!