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Getting some time in!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dstunts, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Last stunt session in China for 09!

    Hey guys, as some of you would already know me and my buddy sam (el sammo) have been living here in China since march riding stunt shows all over the country for a performance company, which has been very awesome!

    Here is some practice footage i put together from our last session here for the year!

    I know its not for everyone but im sure some of you guys will appreciate it.:beer:


    And here is some older footage from a couple of shows we've done through the year.


  2. Amazing. I envy your bike control.
  3. Amazing. I morbo your bike control.
  4. lol..nicely done

    Great video, would like to see you guys sometime
  5. Wow!!... brilliant!! =D>
  6. Nice recovery on the stack haha.
    The drift event looked awesome.
  7. cheers fella's! and yeaa i got pretty lucky on that mousetrap! the clutch slipped and engaged at like 7k revs! felt like i was kicked off a bull! haha