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Getting some basics right...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Shori, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    It's been nearly 4 months since i have been riding my first bike. I guess I should have asked these questions ages back, but better late then ever.

    It wold really help if some of you can pitch in with your valuable suggestions please:


    Bike - Honda VTR 250
    Make - 2003
    Km's - 14,550 km's

    I bought the bike at 14,550km's & have now done 15,395 km's. I use to commute to work and it's a total of 14km's in total in a day.

    I was hoping to get some answer for the following:

    - When do I get it serviced and if someone can recommend a work shop. I live in Pyrmont, Sydney.

    - I might need to top up the engine oil, but the previous owner does not remember what brand he used.

    - Do I have to use the same brand oil & coolant that the previous owner was using?

    - Honda manual recommends only the Honda oil to be used (which I can understand), but is this the rule of the thumb. Can someone suggest any other brands and where can I buy them ?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get it serviced now. I'm not familiar with the VTR but 5000 km intervals is a good rule of thumb for most modern bikes, even if it's just an oil and filter change (the most vital part of servicing).

    Using the same brand of oil is generally not necessary, but using the same brand of coolant is a good idea. However, such a young bike is unlikely to lose any between changes. The specific grade of oil is relevant though. I won't start yet another bike oil v car oil controversy thread. Most oil manufacturers have good websites where you should be able to plug in your bike's make and model and get a recommendation as to the appropriate product. Most bike shops will stock a range of oils. Supercheap do Castrol and IIRC Penrite bike oils, either of which are likely to be fine unless the previous owner really pushed the boat out and used a synthetic oil.

    Just get it serviced and ask the shop what they used.
  3. Can't recommend any good dealers in your area but find one, get the oil and the coolant changed and start fresh.

    That way you know whats in there, you know it's fresh and you can get some advice on how often to service it and so on.

    I think VTR250's have a 6000km service interval but id go 5000, keep the numbers nice and square (easy to remember).

    Honda would recommend honda oil, using a good aftermarket brand will be fine, when I got the VTR service a week or so ago the guy put Motul in it. Can't remember the specs, have the invoice somewhere if you are curios.
  4. *nods* VTR250s are 6000 for the minor and 12000 for the major.

    Using the same brand of coolant is a good idea, particularly as the two main types of coolant do bad things when mixed together.
  5. On a VT I would be changing oil every 6,000k's. But in saying that keep an eye on your sight glass. It's a small round glass hole usually behind the right hand foot peg. If you have moisture, as in it's fogged up then dump your oil as soon as you can. Semi synthetic and full synthetic oils attract moisture. Which does not compress and you can do damage.
    Always use a good oil too. It might cost more to begin but it will be worth it in the long run. Motoul 3000 is fine.
    Never ever take the risk of mixing coolants. Different brands use diffenert chamicals and they can react. If you are running low out on the road you are better off just topping it with water till you get home. It's an easy job to drain it, flush it with water and fill it up with the one brand.
  6. Flywheels in Alexandria will look after you.

    Action in the city is closer to you, but I haven't used them for service so can't recommend.
  7. Thanks guys,

    I'm going to see a mechanic and see what they have to say after looking at the bike...a minor or a major service.

    The service centers I have in mind are:

    - Lloyd Penn Motorcycles

    Will consider Flywheels in Alexandria now that I know of it. Thanks Dark Horse.

    My flat mate just got his car serviced and costed him $250. Just the basic checks...I hate to think of it, I'm getting a feeling that I'll be spending twice that amount on a bike if not more.

    Although the bike is operating fine but then this is my first bike so don't really know atm what the definition of fine is....

    Any inputs on the above mentioned service centers...and what kind of cost one should be looking at. I understand it depends on the service and parts changed and so on...but just wondering what you guys paid and for what.