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Getting rid of cats and 10 min tyre change vid

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys', anyone got any idea's how I can stop cats from 'marking their territory' around my house.

    I've Googled it and have come up with cayenne pepper, vinegar and citrus sprays, anyone have any good experience?

    Thanks, regards, John
  2. nothing legal, aside from catching them and sending them to the pound.
  3. There is a spray that the pet stores sell ,that is used to keep cats away from furniture e.t.c. when they are inside, don't remember the actual name of it though .

    It may be of use , even if used outside to deter cats.
  4. You could try one of our genetically modified blue heelers.

  5. .22LR Brno with subsonics would work...

    But yeah, i've heard about the vinegar spray. Might be worth a shot before trying a more expensive option, even if your house smells like a chip shop.
  6. i bought that 'keep cats away' spray to use on my curtains after my cat started climbing them.

    he loved it & would roll around on them MORE
  7. borrow a possum trap from someone, a friend had one, or the council often will.


    in the morning, place tin of tuna as bait. it's well known cats eat tuna, mice eat cheese, and possums eat small children. so dont worry about catching anything else with this bait.

    leave for work. cat will take the bait during the day. you return home from work. here is the important bit. as you dont know how long the cat has been trapped, it may be beginning to dehydrate. especially on such hot sunny days as we are experiencing now.

    for the sake of the cat, give it a good spray with the hose, to ensure it is not dehydrating. fluff dry with a blower such as you might use to clean the path, and release.

    cat will be so pleased with the kindness you've extended to it, it may never return again, feeling it is hydrated and fluffed enough for ever.

    it's a win-win situation :grin:
  8. I use to put Orange peel in the kids sandpit when they were younger which stopped the cat problem. Try the citrus idea. Although I prefer Robin's idea even better.....
    or get a real pet....buy a dog!!
  9. Get a bigger cat and keep it in your yard. It'll take a while for the others to work out that it's not part of their turf anymore.

    Video the ensuing fights over those few weeks and post them up here...

    Failing that, go to the zoo and get a few litres of panther piss to douse liberally around the yard.
  10. I've got a problem with cats at my place of a night time. A couple of rude neighbours let them roam around all night. The neighbourhood dogs bark a them all night.

    Of course the neighbours without dogs blame the dogs.

    I'm on the look out for an air rifle.

    Should sort out the indian minors too.
  11. Orange peels works on my cats. where I do not wnat them to go, i place orange peel
  12. Best thing you could do for native birdlife mate.
  13. OOOHHHH right. The BIRD. I'd assumed he was talking about the recent protesting...
  14. I like Loz's idea best so far, by the way Loz, how'd the engine swap go?
  15. oh it went sweet, he just needs to learn how to handle the extra power :eek:
  16. Don't let Loz play with matches (or cats) & watch where you point that thing. :wink:
  17. Get one of those big arse water pistols (super soakers?) and spray the cats when you see them. It pisses off the neighbors and cats hate it so they see your yard as a threat.
  18. I think you mean mynahs. Despite the current fuss it remains illegal to shoot Indian minors.

    Indian Mynah

    Indian Minor