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Getting really annoyed now (trying to book a test)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by helent, Oct 17, 2006.


    Supposed to be working but have spent the morning on the phone. I had a test date booked for end of November (earliest I could get at the time). The instructor had told me to just get a test booked in. Then I went for my lesson, told him the date and he says 'can't do it, I am away'. It would have been good if he had told me that before I booked it. Of course, when I next tried, all I could get were test dates stretching into December, January or Febraury (not waiting that long :evil: ).

    I keep trying - but it doesn't help that the instructor won't do Mondays or the early appointment (7.05) which are the only cancellations I keep seeming to be offered.

    And the cancellation appointments only give you about 2-3 days notice. After discussing the situation with the instructor, I got the go-ahead to try and get one fairly soon. So, when I found some going for this Friday morning, I jumped at it - of course, I had to give up my November appointment to take it. So call the instructor - but he can't do that one, but could do an earlier one in the morning (but not the 7.05 one, of course). Great - because I know they had some others going that morning. So I call back to the licensing centre - tried to get the 7.55 one the instuctor wanted - yes we have a slot available, but shame, no bike available for the assessor. OK, so I'll take the 8.45 one. Call the instructor - no can't do that one, sorry.

    So, I have spent the morning on the phone and now I have NO TEST DATE AT ALL!!!!! :evil:

    At least with the Nov one, if all else failed and I couldn't get another appointment, I was making arrangements for my hubby to take me along to the test instead of the instructor (needs some organising and he needs to book time off work).

    Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.
  2. sucky :( get a different instructor???
  3. Jeezuz, I'm glad I didn't have to go through all that rigmoraul.
    I would think it would be easier if the instructor himself rang up and booked you in, that way he knows what times are available, and if he can make it at that time, rather than you doing all the tooing and froing between the testers and the instructor.
    I'm so glad we don't have all that red tape here in Victoria.
    Both times Ive been tested, L's and P's Ive been lucky to have been able to be fitted in on the day I rang/lobbed.
    When I did my P's, I didn't even have an appt, I was there as a spectator with a friend, the instructor recognised me from when I got my L's and said to me "well ya here now, you may as well sit the test!" So I did :)
  4. That's the way to do it - no worrying about it the night before, not being able to sleep etc :)

    So I either need to move, or get a new instructor......

    The thing that really annoys me is that I was going to change to another riding school last week, and had some lessons booked with them and everything, and then I thought, well, I'm getting so close to taking my test now, that it probably isn't worth the hassle with changing. Should've done, shouldn't I?
  5. I don't understand the WA system. Buddy system isn't it? Do you just need someone to ride with you to the test location? If so, why not ask if a Netrider is available. Maybe an unemployed one who could help you any time? :grin:

    Sorry, I'm in Victoria. It's a long ride to help out.

    Other than that, sack the instructor, and find a more customer focused one. :cool:
  6. I agree with demuire... get another instructor.

    The one you've got is obviously giving you no customer service at all!
  7. Your instructor sounds like a lazy, greedy #$%^. Get another one.
    Good luck! :cool:
  8. helen, i feel for ya mate. that is really annoying.

    +1 on the changing of instructors. yours is CRAP. I dont care how well he teaches, his customer service is terrible.

    maybe just trall through the yellow pages and ring up which ever ones are closest to you.