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Getting Ready For Registration!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by matty__, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just got myself a beautiful WR400 and loving it!

    I need to get rego on it though ASAP so I don't get any hefty fines or anything.

    Well, where do I start? It was last registered a while ago so theres no rego papers or anything, so I really have no idea where to start... Is there a guide or something on the RTA site? I am getting all the necessary parts tomorrow e.g. Indicators, new front tyre, brake light etc - but thats all i know of.

    I need to know the process to get the ball rolling!

    Any help at all appreciated!


  2. Best place to start would be to get the frame/engine number, call the RTA for advice. You'd need to prove ownership, either through a receipt or possibly a statement. Other than that of course you'd need an inspection. Check the RTA, they're the ones who have to register it!
  3. You need to have the bike inspected by an AUVIS (unregistered vehicle inspection station). this is a design and identity check. call the RTA for locations near you, as they are not listed on the RTA website.

    The cost $30, but you will probably find that most of the AUVIS out there are car workshops, or the new bike dealers who do rego's for their own bikes. The issue with that, well if the bike is passable, and they can't get a bit of work out of it (especially goes for car workshops) they don't want to know you. I am getting one of my bikes done today, and it was a car workshop, about the 10th one I called.

    They won't say "no we can't do bikes" because the RTA will jump on them for knocking you back if you complain, however the easy way around it for them, "sorry couldn't help you for 3 weeks, we are so busy"