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Getting ready for my test but still feeling a bit hopeless.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all - I've been riding the ZZR250 for nearly a year now, not very often but often enough to be confident on the road going to and from work and in traffic and so forth.

    I've booked my P's test for May and I've moved it back until mid may because I'm not feeling confident. I have had troubles with the U-turn and cone weave and have been trying to practice these things at macquarie uni in the car park. I have found I have been able to tighten my turn alot by starting wide and getting tighter and tighter and also moving my bottom across the seat a little to counterbalance. However I'm not sure I have it really tight enough to be able to to just get straight into a U turn without starting wide and working my way in like I do when practicing. I haven't even started on the cone weave. I am really struggling with really tight turns and I know you have to really come in tight to make that cone weave. I'm just feeling helpless and like I'll never pass. :(:(:(:( I don't want to give up though - but I know if my L's run out I will not feel like going through the whole shebang of getting them again. Please help!! :(

    to answer the question I know you're gonna ask - yes I've come out to learner sessions at Homebush but so far I haven't felt like it's helped enough... plus Wednesday nights I'm normally in the city at work. sigh. (I think they're on Sundays now anyhow)
  2. Yes its on sunday afternoons now.

    It hasn't felt like it has helped enough , because you only turned up once , and never gave yourself a chance to practise on the course.

    If you where to come down again , with some confidence , and willing to have a practise , then you will get the hang of it very easily.

    No one will laugh or have a go at you , we have all been there before. You will find that we are still just as friendly and willing to help you as we were before.

    If you need to follow someone , contact Ozyoda, you travelled with chris before , I'm sure he won't mind if you tag along again.
  3. Just do it. I know in adel, you can always sit the test again (up to 3 times i think)? For free.....

    you dont know if you dont go, and the least that happens is you get some experience eh?
  4. Try not to despair too much. The secret to both of them is going the correct speed. That is, S L O W. Once you can comfortably control the bike going at slow speeds, then you should found doing the exercises easier.

    Also note, the instructors take you through all the required stuff on the day. They don't just dump you into it, the progressively do. For example, in the cone weave they start with the cones in a straight line and after you get the hang of that they move them out a little. For the U-turn they just get you doing as tight a turn as you can (slowly), without markings and they give you feedback on how to get it tighter.

    Don't worry. You will be fine.

  5. i know it's only been once and i knew someone would point that out :p i have been practicing in the time i can - i just work most wednesday nights until 7.30 and thats why i havent come out :(

    the funny thing is i also work sunday nights in the city until 10pm.

    i think the rider nights are great and i really really would like to keep coming - just don't think it's gonna happen on a sunday night though, at leat not for the next month. :(
  6. It starts at 3pm now on a sunday afternoon.
  7. you get heaps of practice on the day and you can still screw up on the test and pass. Just make sure you do your headchecks.

    Just get out there and practice, you will be fine. btw even if you do fail you only have to book the test the next time around so you don't have to waste an entire day.
  8. Got my test tomorrow at Rouse Hill after 3 months and 3 days on Ls , don't know if I'll pass though.

    Been practicing with the cones at significantly more difficult spacings than per the test outline, braking from 60km/h instead of 20 and been fine through all that, just building it up progressively over the past month or two.

    I found that 50% of the 'trick' behind it all at low speeds is body position, lean the opposite way to a turn to make it tight as possible (til you can achieve 'full lock').

    My point - I know I can pass but whether I do is all in my head!

    Just give it a shot!
  9. if you go in thinking your going to fail... you probably are.
  10. If your having trouble and time constraints are keeping you from practising with the learners meet, I can understand why the confidence is lacking.

    I turned up for three weeks prior to my test at the meets. To be completely honest, because I commute to work, my slow riding skills were fine. What I did gain though was the outline of the course and confindence. Funny what a little praise from experienced riders could do for a guy with no contact with other riders.

    At the time of the course you'll spend 6-7 hrs running drills (it was really boring) but then the test pops up and the nerves got to me. But having spent time running the practise at homebush and being able to draw on the confidence then, it was over in a minute with a pass.

    If you still can't make the meets, drop a PM to people perhaps you could organise some one on one.
  11. Feel free to send me a PM if you want someone to practice with. The U turn was what I had trouble with but ended up nailing it in the test.

    I go to macquarie uni too so we could possibly meet there.

    Practice Practice Practice.
  12. as others have said practice practice practice....

    I know the U turn was something i was a bit stressy about... i own a xvs650, which does not have the easiest turning circle ... each time i went for a ride, i would try to take 15 minutes at the end of it.. head to an isolated street, and just do u turns... nice tight you turns. i would f8ck some up, others id nail. After a few weeks of trying to do that on weekends, it became much easier.. I didnt have anyone to teach me, i thought myself.... learn to off set the turn with your weight to balance the bike. that was one of my major insights, and also relax the arms, so i can actually get a good tight turn vs fighting the bike as you try to turn.

    I used the centres bike, and seriously is a piece of piss. I wouldnt recommend rouse hill, as we didnt get a heap of practice time, it was more the instructor jibbering on... HART at st ives is apprently good ??

    If nothing else, get in there and have an attempt at your P's, if you stuff it up, you then know where you have to pracitce, and when you come back you only have to come for the test so like an hour or so, not the full day, no big deal....

    Just my 2c's
  13. Yepyep. You should adjust your body into counter-lean position while you're still going straight, even a few metres before the turn; Scoot your butt over to the outside, all that. It's a lot easier (and safer) than adjusting body position while you're turning. :)

    The reason for counter-leaning is because the more the bike itself is leaned into the U-turn, the tighter its turning circle becomes (because of the rake angle of the forks and a few other nerdy reasons).

    Feather (slip) the clutch, drag the rear brake to control speed.

    Turn in to full lock as soon as you can, so the bike's turning as tight as it can.

    Once at full steering lock, balance (lean angle) is controlled by adjusting your speed rather than steering. If it begins to fall inwards a little, you increase your speed a little and the bike will stand up. If the bike's going to stand too upright and "fall outwards", use more rear brake to slow the bike down.

    Takes a little practice, but once you have it down-pat you can make the bike U-turn on the spot. :)
  14. You need to control your nerves and stay positive, otherwise you'll stress too much and fail on the day...

    Don't just focus on the u-turn and cone weaves... Practise the emergency braking and obstacle turn... it may sound easy but you need to travel between 20 to 25 kms and then brake... They have a speed sensor and if you're under 20kms, they give you a 2nd chance... if you're still under the limit then it's a fail... I found this to be quite challenging because you only have a short distance to travel to hit 20 to 25 kms...

    just remain calm, take your time and always perform head checks...
  15. if you can do the cone weave the braking and the swerve then dont worry about the u-turn too much. i went outside the line and got 5 points but you only need under 8 to pass. no need to get a perfect score just a pass :)
  16. Finished my test today - flawless victory :D - no points lost! Stoked! :grin:

    I'm at MQ too, so I'd gladly help you out one arvo or evening if you'd like after uni, got myself all these road cones. PM me if you like.