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Getting P plates

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by madass, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hello folks,

    I am in Victoria. I have been rriding for nearly a year on my L plates.

    I have been shopping around for a cheap place to get my P plates. Most seem to be about $260. Unfortunately I am extremely broke and don't see that changing any time soon. So I found a few joints that allowed you to do 'test only' for $180-$210

    My questions are - Is the test hard and what can i expect on the day?

    And, should I just cough up the extra bucks for the full course?

    I got my missus to ring a few joints for me and she was told that only 1 in 5 pass the test only. That kinda seems strange to me.

    Cheers for your feedback

  2. well, i did it on monday and passed so hopefully i can help :grin:

    i did it at HARTs and paid $240. was the course necesary? not entirely... hepled me on a few things i hadnt been practicing much (emergency braking etc) otherwise it was just a fair bit of getting used to their bikes and trying what was on the test.

    the test itself is pretty easy and simple.
    the corner thing is pretty easy, ride though as fast as ya can. did well here.
    the lights... two stops, one left swerve, one right. i didnt know that, but still managed fine on all of it.

    ended up with a nice score and was quite happy.

    one of the instructors said very few fail, and i can see why. if you havent been riding or anything it may be challenging... if you can do a test only it could be a good idea if you have no money... otherwise id recomend the course just for getting the hang of it.

    cheers :)
  3. I'm scheduled to do mine just after Christmas with Ride-Tek for $240 aswell. Its cheaper on a weekday though...but missing work also costs you money.

    If you go to ride-tek's website, they have animations on what the test entails.

    Good luck.
  4. I would do the course as well, if nothing else you get really good feedback form the instructors, or really bad, depending! :grin:

    They often notice little things that you may not be aware of, I found it very helpful. I did mine at HART, no one in our group failed.

    BTW, 1 in 5 is a very bad ratio, might not be very good instructors...? (or false info?)

    I would say money well spent if you can source the cash.
  5. with that 1-5 i assume its you rock up, they go "jump on this, okay, left turn, right turn, emerg brake/swerv left/swerv right okay.... and you passed/failed. and thats it. non of the practice ect.
  6. I did my course in NSW last weekend, and 3 out of the 6 failed (thankfully I wasn't one of them). But you could tell straight away that these guys who showed up had no hope right from the get go. I don't know how they actually rode to the training, let alone expected to pass. One guy had never ridden bikes before and only had his L's for 1 week, accumulating a total of 30km's in that time. The other refused to follow any clear instructions whatsoever and in the swerving test went the wrong way on his first, and second (last) attempt. The other dropped his bike 3 times in the basic skills training at the start of the day.

    I feel sorry for the bad wrap some instructors must get for failing some of these poorly equipped riders. Some of them just have no hope. I'm not sure how difficult the test is in Vic, but in NSW I still found it pretty easy, but anyone who hasn't managed to master slow riding techniques would struggle big time.
  7. I thought by law you had to have your ticket for at least 3 months before you could go for the test... Personally i think it should be based on Kilometres ridden and failing that there should at least be a guideline based upon experience on the road and not time spent with ticket. :roll:

    I wouldn't call a years worth of riding and being able to navigate cones "mastering slow riding"...

    I think the best mindset to have while riding is one where you reflect on your flaws and keep telling yourself you aren't as hot stuff as you would like to think you are.
  8. If you're over 30 in NSW you can have your L's for as little time as you want, complete the test and go straight to your full license. Theoretically you could sit your pre-learners over 2 days, do the MOST the next day and be fully licensed within 3 days if you're over 30.

    Perhaps it was a poor choice of words, no one ever truly masters anything in bike riding, we're all constantly learning. The point I was making is that if you can't slow ride effectively, then the test would pose a major challenge.
  9. hey mate i did mine through 'Stay Upright' at hopper crossing. Was around the $240 mark i think, its shit easy, they take you out show u everything, run through it for most of the day, then test you and one lady slipped the clutch and nearly dropped the bike during test, AND DID DROP IT during practice and still passed.

    out of the 8 people there on the day i did my p's only 3 had even ridden on the road since they got their L's.

    Good Luck, you will shit it in :)

    P.S - stay upright were fantastic :)
  10. WOW thats ages, I did mine at about 5 and a bit months because i was scared of the weather (freaking melbourne) Did it at baylink, do it with your own bike and you get cash off too.. (and you know your own bike better)

    I opted to use one of theirs (CB250) worst bike i've ever ridden but still passed.



    Go for it asap before you have to re sit your L's (if you cant renew them)

    EDIT: Forgot to mention the guy there sped us up and we were gone in half the time because everyone was going well and knew what they were doing.
    So practice before you go..

    all you need is,

    Emergency stop
    Emergency swerve (Left and Right)
    Safe speed through a left hand bend
    Safe speed through a right hand bend (both are through curved painted lines.)

    There is a PDF floating around the net with the info on it, someone will find it im sure.
  11. oh nice. going for mine next week

    just a quick question, if you have full car license, and pass the Ps, do i still have to hang a P plate on my bike for the next 12month??

    im in vic btw
  12. armstrongs (http://www.armdrive.com.au/armbike/bike9hr.htm) have a weekday P test of $225. thats a 6 hourse course and test. for the extra couple of bucks your probably better off doing the whole thing.

    have you also noticed oin HART that th've got a special on atm in Vic
    weekday $215 (thats $25 off) and a free pair of dririder summer gloves.

    gxiang - In vic if you have full car licence and pass bike P's: no you dont have to show a P plate, but you are on P plate restrictions for 12 months (ie O% BAC etc)