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Getting out there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NattyC, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone I am taking my Qrides course this weekend. Very excited and nervous, can't wait. Still trying to decide on what bike I will get leaning towards a 250 due to my size and feel a bit overwhelmed sitting on a 650 at the moment. May change my mind after Saturday.

  2. Welcome.

    /zombie font/ Join Us..........

    Welcome and nice pink Helmet.
  3. Welcome to NR.
  4. Don't be nervous, relax and enjoy it, it's fun.
  5. Welcome NattyC, you will find this a great forum with lots of people willing to help you and share information, good luck for Saturday. Everyone gets nervous but after a while you don't think about because you start to enjoy yourself so much(y). Love the pink helmet by the way:).
  6. Hi Natty nice to see another lady rider on board, and I take it you are from Queensland too. Don't be too nervous with Qride, they will guide you through everything step by step, no rush, take it at your own pace, you will do just fine.
  7. Welcome.

    Get the bike that allows you to get both feet on the ground easily. You'll be glad you did.

    Good luck with the course (y).
  8. Good luck, I hope it all goes well. There are quite a few new riders from around Brisbane who have recently joined this forum, including some women who will be able to give you heaps of encouragement. There's help everywhere if you need it.
  9. This. A thousand times this. This was the reason I had my first bike. I copped lots of shit for that bike but it wasn't overwhelming. Now I have a bike where I struggle to put both feet down and can't maneuvre around on my feet for shit, but it's not near as haphazard as if that had've been my first bike.

    And wellllcome. :)
  10. Welcome to NR. Is that really your helmet? :)
  11. Thanks Everyone. I'm hoping I'll remember all this. Yes this is my helmet, thought pink would suit me.:)
  12. Welcome NattyC! All the best with your test, just relax and have fun- you'll be fine!
    And welcome to NR, it's a great community. :)
  13. Good Luck..If Qride is anything like Stay Upright here in NSW, you'll be ok. The instructor was very patient and even took us 20 mins over the alotted time to make sure we got everything right.
  14. Best of luck for Qride, the instructors are very patient and professional, you'll feel so much more confident of your skill sets and what to practise when you start riding.

    I am so glad I went for a 250 because I sat on a 650 and it was just too much all at once. It would be harder to get out of tricky situations when you are a new rider and with a bigger bike, I think I would see slower progress and become more discouraged rather than building up my skill levels gradually. I just don't have the physique to compensate for bad technique. And I would rather have good technique any day.
  15. Welcome to netrider NattyC :) you'll have as much fun here as you will riding!

  16. It's true. :p

    Welcome to NR! After you get your license we should organise a newbies day for brisbane - get some of the new riders out getting some experience!
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  17. That's how I'm feeling about my new bike, especially after today. Think I'd struggle with a 400 let alone a 650. Had a great time and am looking forward to tomorrow. The instructors were all great.
  18. Welcome to NetRider! Lots of new Brisbanites lately. Get the bike that you feel comfortable with, not the one your friend told you to buy, or the one the salesman wants you to buy. It's YOUR bike. Try them all if you have to, find the one that sings to you.

    Then, make it sing LOUDLY. :D
  19. Where is 87 crisis when we need him,

    19 posts and no one has asked....... So Natty are you hot?

    Pics will shut us up!!!!

    Ok now that we are over that have a look at the new riders section and the threads there, do not be afraid to ask anything. You may get the search is your friend answer but you will also get well thought out answers from people who want to help new riders.

    Above all ride your own ride and enjoy it.

    Cheers Jeremy
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