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Getting our new ZX2R back in working order.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Toefa, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Hi there, we just had the good fortune to pick up a ZX2R for a steal and plan to do it up for a commuter.

    The bike has not been running for a year or more and has been sitting outside under covers. The reason the bike wasnt started is the fork tubes were rusted and cutting up the fork seals, so engine wise there were no major problems.

    I want to attempt all the work myself on this bike to get it running again so i can learn more about general maintenance/mechanics, save some $$ and maximise the profits if we decide to sell her, so my question is, is there an order i should follow first, for example, i was thinking:

    Charge Battery
    Take off Fuel tank and clean
    Take off carbs and clean
    Change or clean air filter
    Change oil and filter
    Change spark plugs
    Sand fork inners and replace oil seals.

    Do you guys think this order will work, and is there anything else that i will need to look at for a bike that has been sitting around for so long? I will need to get it Blue slipped as well, so any suggestions on that process would also be greatly appreciated.

  2. Would say might be better to get the forks lathe ground and rechromed, sanding will render a rougher surface finish and you do not have as much control over the roundness.
  3. Thanks rs101...

    At closer inspection, the forks aren't too bad. There is only some small surface rust so not too sure if i would need to get them lathed and re-chromed?

    Here are two pics...

    Straight off the ute:


    And after a quick wipe with windex:

  4. use something like purple polish or Autosol on the forks. Sanding would be a bit drastic

    Cleaning the carbies is a good idea, but you'll need to balance them afterwoods, so get some gauges. These 250s don't handle being out of balance well.

    The rest is all good practice when buying an older second hand bike.

    Add; make sure all fuel lines and vacuum lines are good and well attached. Change brake fluid if not sparkling new. check brake pad wear. Stringline bike and adjust/clean/lube chain. Tyre pressure. check all lights etc.
  5. steel wool or crushed up alfoil can get rid of surface rust, tried it on my old BMX and worked a beauty. :cool:
  6. On our way to fixing this baby...

    So far we have:
    Cleaned out the fuel tank
    Changed the oil and filter
    Removed chain and sprockets (still need to clean them) and
    Removed the carbs (cleaning them now)

  7. Might i suggest u put a inline fuel filter between the tank and carbs. Little bits of rust, paint etc in the tank will block up the carbs otherwise.

    Might also be worth giving the brakes a once over. Clean out the calipers, check seals, new fluid.

    Also check and regrease the wheel bearings.

    Good luck, Learning the mechanics of ur bike is good fun.
  8. Cheers Natta, will take those suggestions on board too :)

    Quick question... I have to charge the battery in the morning and have borrowed a charger from a mate, but how do i know if it can be used with the new battery?

    The charger is rated as follows:

    Powertech PLus - Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger

    Model MB-3523
    input: 240V~50Hz 39W
    Output: 6/12V ---1800mA 21.6VA (max)

    Its a switchable 6-12 volt charger, will this work?
  9. Steel wool could be too harsh - nylon scouring pads are probably better.


    Trevor G
  10. Absolutely. It's a slow, overnight charge - will work a treat


    Trevor G