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Getting on your bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by icestorm, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. How does everyone else normally get on their motorbike?
    My normal way is just to walk upto the left side and throw my right leg over roundhouse kick style.
    But today i was wearing a particularly tight pair of jeans, well not a tight fit but i wasn't able to do my normal roundhouse.
    After two tries to roundhouse onto the bike for some reason the though of how to mount a horse dawned on me.
    So i put my left foot in the "stirrup" popped up and swung my leg over.
    So i was wondering if that is the norm or do most just roundhouse like me or some other variation?

  2. I swing, more like a sumo kick tilting the body to the left without the gracefulness of a roundhouse kick. might look like an out of shape power ranger but it works for me!
  3. Always from the left side,right knee bent up and a gentle pivot on the left foot as I swing into place. The only time I have had to modify my usual straddle, was after I had a gearsack fitted to my 650,I clobbered my ankle on the frame as it passed over the pillion seat.
  4. Dukes of hazard style for me.....
  5. Just throw my leg over. too much lean on the bike to get on from the right side. Might tip it over.
  6. depends. sometimes i jump on it from the back with the stand down and try and take off before i fall over.

    other times i just walk up to it, put my left foot on the footpeg and ride off. swing onto the bike when its moving.
  7. You could go Ewan McGregor style
  8. Oh I gotta try that 'ol grandpa style,left foot on the left peg,scoot the bike with the right foot while still balanced on the left side of the bike and then swing the right leg over,bum on seat,engage starter and ride off.:D
  9. I love the roundhouse mount, feels awesome :cool:. Until I nearly scored a goal trying to mount up with a second helmet on the passenger seat. 8-[ There's no way I could possibly roundhouse that height without being on the olympic high jump team.

    Then I figured out a way, lean forward with hands on bars, bend right knee fully, and slide it over the seat. Feels dumb, but at least I can ride withe misc crap strapped on the back.
  10. I should check if I can swing my leg over the front of the GS500. I think the mirrors are a bit too high, but you never know.

    As to how I usually do it, I haven't paid enough attention to remember.
  11. i just get on :?
  12. I leap up over the tail and land on it, shouting hi ho silver, away!
    Ok so i considered it one time... but the ventrua rack would likely do a number on me.

    I just kinda... get on? Throw the leg over, curled up, then drop it down the side of the bike... and im on in the... uh... normal way?
    Just remember people, there is an approved way to mount your motorcycle as taught in the NSW L's course (or, at least in the one i did), and then never ever repeat it again!

    edit: Oh, tight pants and me dont get along. I need man friendly stuff. So no constraint issues there.
  13. yeah, Roundhouse version for me too.. although sports bikes i just. step over?

    The few 250cc sportsbikes ive used as so low to the ground i just.. step over the seat, .. and away!
  14. get on right side because of how its parked. leg swing over.
  15. i sleep on my bike.
  16. Sweetie's as long as it done with style what does it matter....
  17. I stand on the left, roundhouse kick of my right leg and over :)

    If there is something on my pillion seat, I get on from the other side if it's not parked in a weird position preventing me from doing so.

    If I can't get on from right with something on pillion seat, I do the same as blackjacket.
  18. It used to be somersault backflip but I hurt myself.
    Now I wrestle it to the ground and when it tries to get up I'm on top..
    I do like the roundhouse kick to the pillions head method tho..
  19. Being a lady I keep my knees together at all times. I prefer sitting side saddle on left side of bike with legs crossed, left foot on peg. pointing right toe so as to visually lengthen my calf.