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Getting Off the Cruiser.. What now ? 750SS ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kazjim, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. G'day all, long time no post...I've been enjoying my riding :grin:

    Buti think I've racked up enough k's on the old Vz800 now (over 27,000 in 12 months.. not bad!) and I think I'm ready for something else...

    I've been looking very seriously at the Ducati 750SS as my next bike, but its got to be Yellow ! (my 3 year old girl LOVES Yellow.. and told daddy that he had to get a yellow bike... hey, I'm just being a good Dad !)

    Anyone got any tips / suggestions around this idea ?

    I usually commute Gosford / Sydney every day on the freeway, but the last 6 weeks its been to the train station and back (carrying stuff for work)..

    Running costs are probably number 1 concern as well as comfort and a nice fat torque curve ....

    Cheers all
  2. My only piece of advice is go for the 1000SS or DS. The 750 couldn't pull the skin off a custard. Completely gutless and boring to ride.
  3. Running costs? Comfort? DUCATI? :shock:

    Er, good luck with that! :p
  4. The 1000SS and DS are actually incredibly comfy.
    Air cooled vtwins tend to be bullet proof as well.

    The people that biatch about Ducatis being expensive are the same tools who take them to a Ducati dealer to be serviced. I look after my mates 916 for him and it's no better or worse than my Honda.
  5. A lack of time doesn't imply a lack of ability (or the 'toolness' that goes with the lack of ability).

    Lots of people have very busy lives, and whilst I was happy to service my bikes when I was younger, now that I can afford it I'd rather pay someone else to do it these days :p
  6. Well cost of service isnt a hassle, but if an oil filter costs me $60 vs $6.50 for the VZ, then that certainly plays a part !

    I'm happy to do home servicing, only goes to the shop for Tyres and other bits i dont have the tools for.

    Why do you say the Duc is uncomfortable ? are we talking more uncomfortable than Suzuki's version of the house-brick ? (aka, the standard VZ800 seat.. I'm certain that the japanese word for Brick is the same as seat...)

  7. AH the bashing of Ducati service costs.
    Have you actually come and watched a technician do a service on a modern 4 valve Duke. I have, in fact I watch it most days. I now have a greater knowledge of what is involved in the process and the amount of time it takes, and as we all know time costs money.

    Yes the service costs are up there, but they also only need doing at 10000 and 20 000 km. Just be aware that the timing belts need changing at either 20 000 or 2 years. This is coming straight from the Ducati factory in Italy. Not just from the local dealers.
  8. ZRX1200R you missed the point of my post.
    You don't have to service the bike yourself, just don't service it at the Ducati dealer with the 3 million dollar showroom. Because he has to pass off the overheads of his business to someone...
  9. I would recommend the 1000 DS engined 2-valve Ducatis too.(ie: Mulitstrada, newer 1000SS & Monster..)

    Ducatis are great bikes for riders who love to tool about though. Real rewarding rides.

    (Sure I might own a Ducati, but I would hands-down buy any other bike on the market if it gave me the sort of buzz my dog-earred 748 gives me right now).
  10. Ok, so approximately how much is a belt service ? I'll be looking at around 20,000 km / year from it, so thats 4/5 minor services and a major servie with Belts ?

    Is belts a "home Mechanic" type of Job ?
    (I've built several Mini Race engines in the past.. and none have gone "boom" yet, so not a mechanical Nincompoop!)

    Ta guys, this is all good info ....

    Any other bikes in the same class as what I'm looking for ? (budget could stretch to about $9500. . . )

  11. kazjim: One sydney lot quoted $1,000 for said service and $800 normally.

    I can't remember the name of the place, sorry
  12. What sonja said is pretty much correct.
    10 000 svc is roughly 750 and teh belts added to that is about 200.
    The full 20 000 is about 1000 including belts.
  13. Sorry scummy, I ain't bashing Ducati service costs - just pointing out that if the #1 priority is running costs, there's certainly cheaper options out there! :)
  14. Lil says Go for the 1000.
    More fun More power,Comfy as Bonds Undies.

    I want a Ducati next and Im being talked into the Multistrada 1000 over the smaller 600.
    Apparentley Id be bored on thew smaller one.

    So 1000 all the way.
    She has done over 80,000 in 3 years and its only ever needed servicing . Nothing mechanical has gone wrong with hers. Thats good enough for me.
    Its not that expensive either....longer service intervals....and you ride a DUCATI.....priceless.
  15. At least you are on the right track ............ Moving from a cruiser to real bike.
  16. For around the same price you can get a FZ1 thats newer than a 750SS and has a "nice fat torque curve"
  17. :grin: Yea, but they look weird !

    What do you mean, "A real bike" ..... Arent they all real bikes ? - guess thats why i never get any nods from the "real bike" community .....

    Thanks Guys, appreciate all the comments ....
    Gonna hit the bike shops this weekend and do some serious sitting ....

  18. For me, if I were commuting Gosfird -Sydney on the F3, I'd buy a nice big tourer. Get a cheap one and buy a fun bike for weekends? There was a yellow BMW for sale on Ebay for under $3k.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Well I know I'll never be one of the "Quick guys" or even get the knee down, its just not me... (one of the reasons I went for the VZ in the first place...) But I've realised I'll never get any cornering confidence unless i get onto something a little more stable in the corners....

    and the Daughter insist on me havinga yellow bike.. Thus the Duc .....!

    I've sat on a few Beemers (And owned a few of their cages... nice cars!) - Just wasnt totally impressed by the bang for buck factor of the Bm ....

  20. That's ironic coming from someone that rides a GPX250.
    When you get off that sewing machine onto a 'real bike' then you can make comments like that.