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Getting off a Speeding fine (VIC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dirrin, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Hi guys got my 1st speeding fine (and it was on the bike) and I noticed that 1 of the options is apply for a internal review I am assuming this has something to do with the announcement that you could get a small speeding fine waived if you had good behaviour. So I am thinking of doing this and asking for it to be reviewed because I haven’t been booked for speeding before, it was wet and busy due to the long weekend fist long distance ride on the bike (I got it coming back from Lakes on the Queen's Bday Monday.)

    Just wondering if anyone else has done this and got off it or still had it applied???
  2. Interesting. I know it used to be possible to apply for a warning in place of a fine but very few people knew about the process (and I reckon the cops and Government like it that way). Seems like they might have finally decided to be more open about it. If you have a perfectly clean record, and it's only a minor offence (ie only 1 demerit) point then you've probably got a good chance, only catch is that in order to apply for a warning you first have to admit to the offence. So if they reject it then you don't have the option to contest in court - not really a problem if you actually were speeding.
  3. There' an unofficial rule (or maybe it's an official one) that if you write in and say "but I'm such a goooood boooooy" and the detected is less than 10km over and you've been ticket-free for 2 years, they'll write it off and waggle the finger instead. So yes, write in , and do it asap.
  4. Especially around election time. Speed camera activity seems to drop off for some reason around then. Perhaps Tenix has a contract to hand out "how to vote" cards for the ALP or something...
  5. There was a big court case settled during the last year or so where a complainant won and had his fine cancelled because the tickets did not inform him that he was eligible to apply for this internal review of his driving history. So yeah, write in and ask, it can't hurt and you might get away with a warning if you have a good history. I heard it was if ticket-free for 5 years then you'll get off a 1-point speeding fine, but I dont guarantee anything :LOL:
  6. What speed zone was it and how quick were you going??

    A few clicks over the limit and you can beg forgivness but anything high than around +10 and I think you have to live with it.

    That said if it's a camera have a look at the photo and make sure it you and you are the only vehicle in the picture.

    Do a search on speed cameras on other threads in here for more info.
  7. Thanks guys can't get off the with a warning cause i have a bougus mobile phone offance a tear ago. wsa doing 67 in a 60 (knocked down to 65) just gonna take it on the chin i think.

    any way here is the link about the warnings just in case people didn't know about it.

  8. How bloody interesting.

    Does anyone know if there is a similar thing in QLD?

    I have only ever gotten one ticket in my entire 9 years on the road. I was doing 30km/h when I got it. Cops decided they were going to setup on the uni campus. I was doing 30 in a 10 zone. Farken! I didn't even realise it was a 10 zone. Tarnished my beautiful record :(
  9. I just got my wife off a ticket using this method.
    It has to be less than 10kmh over the limit, and you need a clean record for past 3 years.
    Nicely printed letter advising the fine has been withdrawn.