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Getting new bike + Interstate Move and Re-register?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gracebeey, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    So it's upgrade time!!! Very soon, that is, once I decide:

    1. What bike to get - still tossing up between FZ6N and Z750; and
    2. Buy here or in Melbourne.

    Aside from the obvious fact that I need to choose a bike (I'm game for either at the right price), I will also be moving to Melbourne in February 08 - that is 6 months from now (I'm currently in BrisVegas).

    I'm not too sure how hard it is to move your bike - I suspect it's easy if I use a motorcycle transport company. Plus, there's that problem of re-registering it once it gets to Melbourne.

    Does anyone know what the requirements are for registering in another state? Ie. does it require a certification from the mechanics, or if it's registered in QLD it should just be transferrable? If it's hard then maybe I should wait and buy the bike after the move *blanch* but I want it nowwww!!! :p


  2. I'm pretty sure that re-registering will cost a little bit of coin.

    Not sure how much although i wouldn't be suprised if the RTA hit you for the full cost of rego transfer (3% of purchase or market price whichever is higher) i'd look into that and weather or not you can actually move the bike up with ease and whatnot.
  3. i was quoted $395 to get a certificate and then all the other shit to transferr a bike from WA to QLD plates :)

    so yeah, if u are goin from brisvages to mel then i dont reckon it wouldnt be that bad
  4. you have some options. The victorians will want a vehicle inspection (which will be included in the purchase of a new vehicle or is supposed to be included with a second hand vehicle purchased in melbourne). The rate for one probably won't exceed $60. (it isn't regulated like it is in nsw).

    This means that it won't matter to you where you buy the bike. What you will have to pay however is stamp duty, registration and CTP. Qld is 2% I think and Vic is 4% stamp duty. On top of this is what you lose in fees from cancelling a qld registration before buying VIC registration and a new plate.

    At a quick guess, any savings in QLD stamp duty will be eaten by additional fees associated with transferring rego between states.

    THe other option is to find out where you can buy the bike the cheapest unregistered, and then register it in Vic when you truck it there. Do the numbers, including the convenience factor and see where you come out.
  5. Bonox, are you saying that I'll have pay stamp duty AGAIN in Victoria when I re-register my bike? That sounds like double the pain!

    Hmmm....so if I buy the bike here, the costs I'll have to incur in the move are:
    1. Bike move - around $395
    2. Re-register, Stamp Duty + CTP - god knows how much
    3. The incovenience of having to re-insure it (I don't think NRMA exist it Vic? Their website doesn't have Vic quotes?), re-register it, organising the move etc....

    Sounds like I'll just have to wait till I get to Melbourne :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Grrrr!!!!! :evil:
  6. Pretty sure you don't have to pay stamp duty (Motor vehicle duty) again once you get to Victoria. In fact, transferring to Victorian number plates should be pretty simple. You may or may not need and inspection (not sure what governs this) - if you do it will probably cost about $30 (appointment fee + inspection fee). Otherwise all you have to do is take your proof of identity, proof of Victorian residency and proof of ownership of the vehicle to a Vicroads office. You don't need a roadworthy certificate. You hand in your interstate number plates and they give you a receipt that you send to the interstate authority to claim a refund on your current rego. Then they issue you with new plates, and you pay the normal rego fee. Stick the new plates on the bike and away you go. It's really not very difficult at all, although from my experience of the queues at Vicroads offices it could take a couple of hours...

    You can find all the info about registering an interstate registered vehicle in Victoria here: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...equirements/InterstateVehicleRegistration.htm

    Hope this helps :)
  7. Makovitza,

    Thanks so much for the link, that's awesome and very encouraging. :grin: I'll definitely give them a call soon and check what types of vehicles need inspection, but that is definitely good news that I don't have to pay all those extra fees I thought I'd have to.

    2 hours waiting hey, sounds like the good ol' Qld Transport! I feel at home already! :p

    Hahah! I'm back on the market!! :grin: FZ6N or Z750......hmmmmm.....
  8. Oooh, oohh, z750! :D
  9. Onto the more pressing issue, z750 all the way!
  10. gracebeey...i moved to VIC from another state and figuring i`d need a roadworthy (like most other states) i went and paid out for one. When i went to VicRoads to transfer rego, they said i shouldn`t have gone to the trouble as you just transfer straight over with no inspection or extra fees :wink: That was 4 years ago...might be worth checking out.
  11. As long as the bike is in your name you just have to pay for the Victorian rego and no stamp duty I think as my grandmother never had to get a RWC done when she brought her car down to melbourne just the rego.
  12. no - sorry, been away for the week

    As Mak mentioned, you only pay it once - a transfer of registration for any vehicle doesn't incur a stamp duty charge if the REGISTERED NAME doesn't change. It just happens that you pay twice as much in Vic as you do in Qld. Whether or not it is worth the other fees is for you to calculate.
  13. Thanks everyone! :grin:

    This is definitely a plus, and I'm quite sold on the idea of getting the bike now. After all, I need to get used to the bike, and it's probably better to get used to the bike in a familiar city (familiar riding conditions) that it is in a new city with strange rules (ie. hook turn???? what the heck!?). Yes I know....excuses...excuses :p . I can justify ANYTHING if I put my heart on it.

    Anyway, yes, moving on to the more pressing issue, I think I will indeed have a hard time deciding between the two. Maybe a selling point would be: which one is lower/better handling when lowered. I'm pathetically short legged. :mad:
  14. I moved from Cairns to Melbourne 5 months ago. I had to transfer my bike and car over pretty much straight away coz the reg was up. I didn't have to show the bike. All they do is cancel the QLD reg and re register it in Melb. So take your plates in when you do and they'll change them over. From memory there is a small charge for the plates, the rest is rego. The bummer I found with Melb is you can only re register for 12 months. I don't think there is the 6 month option like it is in QLD. And no CTP discount for no pillion pegs. Bike reg is a little bit more expensive here too. But you can claim any residual rego back from Queensland Transport.
    If you previously owned the bike in another state then there's no prob with change over. It only applies if you go interstate, purchase a bike and then want to bring it back over.

    Its time consuming and a pain in the arse, but relatively simple. :grin:
  15. YMMV, but from my experience, that is only if you can provide the interstate registration documents, with your name on them, not that of the previous registered owner. Being the new owner doesn't matter if it isn't registered to you. In this guys case, he is buying a new (to him at least) bike. If he moves it straight to VIC, there is no need to register it with Qld unless you can justify it... (See notes above).
  16. Sorry, I answered under the assumtion that Gracebeey would have had the bike for a number months before wanting to change it over. Therefore it would already be in his name and have the documentation. If it was under someone elses name, then thats a whole other pain in the arse! :)