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Getting Nervous - Pre Learner Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MWB, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,
    First time poster, been reading the forum for a bit and am getting nervous with my Pre Learner course coming up on Monday/Tuesday next week at Clyde. I have basically no motorcycle skills currently. I ride a bicycle to and from work and drive a manual car.
    Will I be in over my head for this course?
    Is there is anything I need to know before turning up?

    Any help would be appreciated...

  2. Nothing to be nervous about. Just don't over think it. The coarse is designed for people with no motorcycle experience.
  3. Yep all as mick says - its a great couple days, they know most won't have had any experience prior. So long as you can balance on a push bike you should be fine, just make sure you get there on time and enjoy the day.
  4. One thing I would suggest is getting a good nights sleep.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply guys.
    I don't even know how we are going to do it, it's 5pm - 8.30pm.
    We are going to be doing most of the exercises/drill in the dark!:-s
  6. Not sure how they do it.
    But I am hoping you will have about an hour in a class first. Going over a few things to do and don't do. Then I am sure they will have flood lights.
    We all get nervous at new things. And yup try your best not to, as it will affect your riding badly. Deep breaths and something funny to dwell on helps.
    Try to think of it as fun. Like an amusement park. Just going on a ride.
    Try not to interrupt the instructor and turn your phone to silent.
    Stay clam, stay loose and have fun.
  7. you ride a ride a bicycle to and from work and drive a manual car....
    so this is hardly going to be difficult for you now is't,
    what are you ?? one of those emo kids ??? HTFU
    ****ing emos
  8. I'm selling my car because it is too much on petrol & insurance. But thanks for asking.

    Anyway, with the Clyde Rider TRaining Centre, does anyone know what building it is in cause I have google mapped the address but can't find much in the way of Training Centres..
  9. Do you have the street address? Go there. You can't miss it.

    Don't stress about not being able to do it. I can drive a manual car and used to love riding my pushbike but I still nearly managed to collide with the pilon and stalled several times on my prelearner.
    Still passed though and happy to say that I don't stall on my bike very much at all now. ;)
  10. I was nervous leading up to the pre-learner course as well, but butterflies settled as soon as the instructor opened his mouth and made a joke, nerves went away pretty quick as the day went on it was more and more enjoyable.

    Tbh it's not that much cheaper I don't think (depending on the car anyway), but it's a helluva lot better then taking a car everywhere.

    Never done it there, but it I assume there's only four corners between Wentworth and Martha Sts so it can't be too hard to find - could even be under the M4?

    Take it easy, pack your stuff the night before & get a good night sleep is probably the best advice as already stated.
  11. Dont stress yourself, I got nervous on the day too. But in all honesty, the whole purpose of the day is to teach you the basics, to teach you things you may not know. Its not a case of "Morning Son, go do your test." They will teach you all the things you need to know to pass your test. But if there is one piece of advice I can recommend, its if you have a question, ASK IT!, Dont worry about what the others may think, I would put a months wages on the fact the some of them would be thinking the same things as you.
    Good luck and hope to see you on the road soon.

  12. There is no building, its a small fenced off section under the M4 with a smallish office

  13. Thank you everyone for your help. Much appreciated.

    I will let you know how I go after the course! :)
  14. You go straight to your P's if you can bust a wheelie in your first run.
  15. hehe dont worry, Im getting a touch nervous about mine as well... good luck with it! Just remember to enjoy it I reckon
  16. you'll have a ball mate. have fun & just relax and enjoy it.

    start out small with a few rides in back streets to get the confidence up. then graduate to main roads at quieter times. pretty soon you'll be in peak hour in the rain and still love it!
  17. Hey don't worry about the pre-learners, I did mine at Clyde a few months ago and it was heaps of fun. The instructors there really know what their doing, and even if u dont go so well the first time (like me) u can get a form which allows u to come back and try it again. Basically, their nice guys, who want you to pass, and will do everything they can to make sure that happens.

    I think from memory the address was Martha Street or something? its a small street, so once ur one it, u'll c the training centre for sure.

    Hope u have fun and enjoy the lessons! C u out there on the roads soon!

  18. Don't forget to check out the Saturday learner sessions at Homebush! Really great for improving your confidence. :)
  19. mate, don't even be nervous, be more like excited!

    prior to the pre-learners course I couldnt even drive a manual car, havent riden a bicycle in like 10 years....

    I did great in the course suprisingly....but the first day I got my motorbike I dropped my bike! Which was a weird experience, because I wasn't even close to dropping the bike in the course
  20. Okay so I finished the course last night.
    After the first night the instructor already failed someone that wasn't keeping up with the rest of us.
    I kept on missing a few things which he pulled me up on and said if I miss them again then I'm out. I pulled it together for the last part of the course and got through.

    Watch out guys I'm going to be on the road with two wheels soon!