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Getting My Ls

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jazzthechef, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. im going for my Ls next week and am wondering if there is anything else i should be doing apart from readin and studying the vic rider handbook.
    i have a manual license in a car so i get the whole clutch gear system and have riddin a dirt bike on occasion and havnt fallen off not that i was goin really fast or difficult terrain. just around a paddock up to about 3rd gear or so. im in victoria.

  2. L's are a piece of piss - dont stress :) read the handbook for the computer test and if you aren't faling over you'll be fine
  3. thanks
    guess i get a little nervous before things like these. did the same back when i got my cage license and passed with flying colours.
  4. I was the same - but it really isnt difficult so dont worry.
  5. :WStupid:
    Just Listen carefully & don't get cocky with the instructor .. You'll be fine :)
  6. I just did the course on the weekend.

    Naturally not being a test person I clammed up and had stiff arms. Didn't experience any problems through the course of both days however the stiff arms came back to bite me on the first ride test: a slow speed left hander. Tight arms plus left hook equals throttle on---> exited outside of yellow lines. fail. see ya later!

    I had good confidence doing any aspect of the weekend, balance was really good, handled the clutch well, can do tight turns etc but for some reason beign presented with two little yellow corners made me tense up. Really embarrassing for me knowing I could do it, but didn't give the goods. They reckon they try to make a little pressure to 'simulate' on road pressure, but to me it was self induced artificial pressure that you don't get on the road. Mind over matter.

    Someone suggested overconfidence, but I think it was underconfidence in the bike doing what it can do. trust it. and look through the corner!

    Doing a retest on Thursday but am scratching my head at working out a way of relaxing thus getting a pass. I really don't want to fail twice.

  7. You should do fine as you'll know what to do. I had to do my Stay Upright course twice, but the second time I felt a more confident and relaxed.
  8. Did mine yesterday (through DECA) and the thing I found the most valuable .... don't be scared to ask questions and listen to the tips the instructor gives you.

    I had trouble at the start of the day with left and right turns within the lines, but after asking for tips on how to turn tighter without fear of falling off, and implementing what he said, I could do it every time after that.

    The other important thing that I found was to relax your arms ... when I found myself stiffening up, I would relax my arms into the correct position and it was a huge difference in how the bike handles.
  9. just stay calm and you will be fine. during the practice talk to the instructor and ask them how you are doing and what techniques you need to alter/change in your riding. They are there to help you pass not to make you fail. I passed both L's and P's first time and no-one in either class failed even though some made a lot of mistakes. relax and let your body flow with the bike. don't be afraid of leaning to hard into the corner, you will scrape the protection bars (near the pegs) before you come even close to dropping the bike (doesnt matter if you do scrape them, i did in my p's test)

  10. I dropped my bike twice and stalled about 23858 times and still passed.

    main reason for this is nerves, just relax and make sure you take in all the instructions.

    I've now been commuting most days for 2 or so months and only dropped the bike 8 times, been hit by a car 3 times and have broken 4 bones, but I haven't stalled yet. :shock: Just kidding. :p
  11. HART Kilsyth right? I was in your group for testing (the dork wearing leather pants all weekend). You'll be fine just as long as you do relax and just take it easy.

    I stuffed up the cornering a few times when practising due to getting a bit too confident and going too quick through them. Putting through at 10km/hr ended up being the way to go. Looking through the corner is hard at that speed though as you feel like the bike's going to fall over if you do.

    For the theory part, most important thing to do is ask if you need a question explained. I found the wording a bit odd at times and it really paid to ask for clarification.
  12. ^ Nah all good now, I passed last Thursday. A couple of hours practice in a car park did help no end though. Went for a small squirt by myself through Warrandyte yesterday, if you are ever after a riding partner yell out.

  13. Congrats :D Might take you up on that offer some time too, it'd be nice to have someone to ride with who's at the same level.