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Getting My License

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by thatfella, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I suppose this is the right place to write this. Lots of good people with good advice.

    So my problem is a bit unsual, I have been riding a scooter, illegally in Europe for maybe 8 or 9 years while living there. (little village).

    Anyway now back in Sydney I had to get my permit to ride a scooter which I did. Now I am on my P plates on the scooter, but its not the same as when overseas.

    I decided I want to get a motorbike license but seems I cant. The RTA tell me I got to finish my P plate and then get an unrestricted license. They tell me I cant even go back to get my L's on a motorbike with gears.

    So If I want to learn riding a motorbike I am not allowed, until in 6 months I finish my P plates, then I can ride automatic or with gears. But I want to learn the gears.

    So I called some places but they want $200 per hour to teach me the gears. Does this sound right that I cannot learn to ride a motorbike with gears until I finish the P plates ?
  2. Must be a NSW thing. You can ride either in Vic. You can also do a pre learners course for $50 I thing which would teach you the basics I thing. It's not hard anyway. You can learn gears in about 5 minutes.
  3. Very unusual.

    Most of the time, you just need to go re-take the same test on the thing you're trying to get approved for.

    For example, my friend got his automatic car license ($200 fee), then added manual on to it a few months later by retaking the test in a manual car ($50 fee).
  4. Yes I can do the test for P again. My problem is that because I have automatic license I cannot ride manual bike to practice for this test.

    I ask RTA if I can wear L plate to practice to ride but they told me no you must not ride a bike with gears if you have the license on automatic.

    So how then I should practice for my test They tell me to ride in car park but this seems a funny thing.
  5. sounds like the modem company help-desk, telling you to download a driver for the modem so you can log on :LOL:

    The RTA sometimes does give contradictory answers, and their web-site is huge, but not comprehensive. I'd go back and ask again, maybe get someone else who knows a bit more?
  6. Yes thankyou.

    I went to RTA and ring them. My wife also did speak to them because she is from hear.

    So maybe I thought somebody hear was having the same problem in the past and can understand. My wife teels me it is funny that I can ride motor scooter or large motorbike in 6 months because my license is unrestricted. She thinks this is not good because I have no practice experience to do this.

    Maybe if I put the L plate on a motorbike and drive up and down my street then I can get into trouble with fine. In my country before I was on old vespa with gears.
  7. But surely you can redo the P Plate course at the testing facility on a geared bike? You won't be able to practice in advance, but the course (be it 1 or 2 days) should give you some practice before the test.
  8. I think if I get it, he is saying that he cant do the prelearners again because he's already done that on the scooter.

    That probably means he cant even do the P's course on anything but an auto since thats what he got his L's on .
  9. He said he could do his Ps again, but couldn't practise for the test. To me, that sounded like he wanted to practise by riding around in the streets on a geared bike - putting on an L plate to do so. That's why I wondered why he couldn't do the test course on a manual and use that for practice.
  10. Sounds like crap to me.

    How does the L plate thing work down there. In QLD, you cannot ride a bike as a learner unless there is someone riding with you who has held that class of licence for a year. Down south, it sounds as if you can ride with an L plate by yourself?
  11. Yes that is the case thank god.

    as for OP, i would say you will have to find mates bike to practice on, just do it in a car park the plod shouldn't hassle you too much/they wont even stop to chat.

    then retake the Ps test on said mates bike.

    you can also rent bikes from a few companies per day for like 30-50 dollars i think.
  12. Yes to ride maybe in car park.

    I try I think to book to class to do my P license again on gears.

    I will get fined to ride in streets maybe because I want to learn ?
  13. Today I go again to RTA with Lisa my wife to ask again about how to learn the manual motorbike.

    No you are correct because they tell me that its is not legal to ride if you have automatic license. When my wife was asking how then you should do practice the man tell us that you must practice in carpark or not public road. It is very bad to go into public road with wrong license.

    So maybe I must push my motorbike to carpark and do practice. He told me then if you can ride the motorbike you wait until you have unrestricted license and you can ride on public road.

    Because I made this mistake I have a motorbike which is not legal to ride. So maybe I will put away so I will ride when I have license.
  14. This doesn't sound right at all?

    Are you sure that you've explicitly explained that you have an L automatic R licence (motorcycle)? The RTA maybe assuming you are talking about an automatic L car license.

    If that is the case you can only DRIVE an auto. AFAIK if you have an L (R licence with E condition) you can ride any LAMS approved motorcycle or scooter gears or no gears....

    I'd be checking this out further if I were you
  15. does that only apply to VIC?
  16. ^ Maybe.....not too sure to be honest
  17. I bring Lisa with me. Maybe somebody else here have this problem and can let me know.

    I think law is funny but they tell me very strong that with automatic motorbike license the person can ride only automatic. OK but why I cannot put L plate on manual bike to learn. They tell me because you have P plate in automatic you cannot change this.

    So if there is somebody who have automatic license and change to manual please tell me . I think there will be no problem for anybody if you think first and get L plate test on manual.
  18. Have you specifically asked if you can do a test to change your license to a manual?
  19. Yes to test I think is OK but to do this test I must do practice. But how I am to do practice if I cannot ride manual bike.

    Maybe only go to carpark to try to practice if I can find big carpark which have no cars. This is funny rules but I will be good I will not practice on road.
  20. OK so this is catch 22 because in order to change your P's from an auto to manual you need to redo the MOST on a manual.