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Getting my hands dirty

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by hippo, May 29, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    It's been a while but I've recently started riding again. My bike had been left unattended for 3 or 4 months, and I started commuting a few weeks ago before realising that I should have done proper bike stuff to it first. I've since checked the tyres and put more oil into it, because that seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

    I am pretty mechanically inept so was wondering if anyone had the time and patience to give up an hour or two of their time and show me basic upkeep things. I'm in SE suburbs but can travel.

    It's an 09 Hyosung.

  2. hey mate you should put air in the tyers not oil, just sayin
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  3. See why I need help?
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  4. Hi @hippo@hippo

    The Saturday Practice session will sometimes run a spanner day to teach some basic maintenance. Basically you decide what you need to do, and we show you how under guidance.

    Probably oil change, oil filter change and chain maintenance would be a good start if you don't know how.

    Drop a line into the Sat pPractice thread in Vic Rides and events forum. It is also a good place to brush up your riding skills after a break.
  5. and there is heaps of hot chicks there
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  6. Can always rely on Uncle Greg.
  7. Like last week's impromptu puncture repair lesson...................
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  8. shit just noticed she is a chick, I can arrange an escorted if you want, what part of town are you in il come ove rand fix your bike like new for you
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  9. Hehehe... @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg's tripping over himself to help out @hippo@hippo... Who would've guessed! ;)
  10. Was about to say I'm probably more interested in bikes than chicks, but if there are hot ones...

    I'll check out the Saturday thread. Thanks everyone :)
  11. Are you hot?
  12. So you mean the essential stuff, like chain maintenance, checking oil levels, and so on? (though I suppose chain stuff is 90% of what you need to do between services on a healthy bike)

    Or are you interested in learning one step up from that, things like full oil changes? You say you're mechanically inept, but I suspect you mean mechanically ignorant -- you simply don't know how to do things, you haven't tried and persistently failed. So I would encourage you to give things a go whenever you can, as it's always good to know how things go together and the feelgood factor is not to be overlooked :).

    The internet is an amazing resource, especially nowadays when videos are so ubiquitous, so one can usually find something to provide guidance, and forums like this one are always there if search engines don't find an answer.

    EDIT: And I should mention that, for some of the best men you could catch, oil is the sweetest perfume you could wear and grease is the most beautiful makeup you could apply ;).

    Yes, I will use any tool at my disposal to get people on bikes or inside machines :p.
  13. I think my problem is that I forget really easily. I know I've looked after my bike before. I've done oil changes, bled brakes and toped up fluid, cleaned and lubed chains and sprockets. I guess I just need a quick refresher, or at least to watch someone do stuff to their bike.

    And @danny_tb@danny_tb, I don't think it matters if I'm hot. I'm not interested in children anyway.
  14. For some of us men, that's perfect! :whistle::smug::p:hungry:
  15. Hippo, if you have done most of this it won't take much to jog your memory. Why not wait until your bike is ready for an oil change/brake bleed/chain check/whatever and volunteer it as the guinea pig at a Spanner Day and we can show you what to do.
  16. oh that sounds great I can show her what to do
  17. @hippo@hippo For your information - Spanner Day 5 July.

    Details here

    Don't say we don't look after people on Netrider :happy:
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