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getting my first supersport :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by simonr23, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. 02 gsxr600 black and silver with yoshi rs3(?) system. done 15000 got it onroad for $9000.
    it seems in perfect condition. no scratches, dings, etc. i got to play with it from cold also, with no wierd noises. i took a printout of the used checklist to the dealer and crossed everything off :)
    now i just have to wait till next weekend to pick it up :(

    oh yeah its build is 12/02 does that make it k2 or k3?


  2. Congrats mate!
    Im very keen on a k4 or k5 GSXR750

    They are shit hot looking bikes!
  3. the 750 an awesome bike.....the 600 a tad lacking in power/torque but still nice handler
  4. Congrats, Simon :grin:
    Let us know how it goes.
  5. Great stuff, sounds like a good buy.. :cool:
  6. Nice bike, but it aint no supersports bike dude. You wish! :LOL:
  7. Come on MG dont burst his bubble.. You big meany.. :LOL:
  8. Bubbles are made to be burst...... I bet his 02 GSXR would be more fun than a green Kwaka thou with a flat rear tyre, hey MG :p
  9. [​IMG] Sorry Simon.


    Very good. I'll pay you that one.

  10. my bad, i thought supersports were the 600's and 1000's had a differnet name. i'll stand corrected :)
  11. So when are you getting a new tyre dude?
  12. does anyone keep their bike inside? i live in a block of flats and we all have our carport spaces, which i'm using for my car. even chained to a pole i dont want my bike left outside like that. can a gsxr fit thru a normal front door?
  13. No rush to get one when I cant ride dude, so maybe in the next few
    months or wheneva my bike gets taken away to put the full system,
    PCIII & braided lines in.

    Only one way to find out if ya bike fits thru mate. :LOL:
    (Babies belong in an enclosed garage or in the dining room)!


  14. Tell me thats not your garage, cos if it is, i'm very jealous!!!!
  15. G'day everyone,.....

    Wow,....I'd love a dinning table in my garage!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  16. thats a nice collection of bikes you have going there.
    OT- what does chicken strips mean? i searched and couldnt find an answer.
  17. Chicken strips are where your tyre hasnt touched the rd. So the more you lean when cornering, the less chicken strips you will have..
  18. Nice bikes! :shock: What's the one near the wall and closest to the door?