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getting my first bike - what a great move

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WeeBubba, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. i cant seem to stay off the bike for any longer than a few hours otherwise i start getting fidgety

    now ive got this kriega seat bag on at weekends its like ive never been so helpful.

    "we need some extra milk...oh don't worry love...no...no...i insist...i'll go get it..." then an hour and a half later i return with some milk from the corner shop

    "damn i got the milk...but i forgot the bread..." \\:D/

    sometimes iif im in the mood then i go get on the bike go for a long night ride down over the 4 bridges around the city centre and back up the coast way up to palm beach and back.

    whatever shit is going down, once i pull away on the bike its like everything gets lifted and i feel like i am escaping everything. :dance:

    dunno if anyone else feels like that? or perhaps just me getting a bit obsessive???! done 4500km now in 3 months. is that a lot? gonna go out now for a night ride and do some more!
  2. sounds very familiar lol
  3. That feeling of being able to get on the back of a bike and just GO is why i bought my current bike. its fantastic.
  4. Not a bad feeling at all, hey.

    Now just wait 'til you get a bike with 100hp or more :twisted:

    - boingk
  5. perhaps just me getting a bit obsessive

    ... or being completely normal :LOL:
  6. You just have the bug .. we all do or we wouldnt be here on NR.
  7. I've caught this wonderful affliction for sure, it definitely relaxes me.

    Can't wait until Summer kicks in, cruising down the freeway on a 28 degree summer night, heaven.
  8. yeah it relaxes me too, my favourite time is late at night. the other night i rode up to palm beach and the full moon was out it was amazing.