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Getting my bike to the mechanic

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dm_obrien, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    Just wondering how much it typically costs to get a bike moved to the mechanics? Assuming it won't start and I've tried all I can think of?

  2. Only happened to me once. Cost a carton to a bloke down the road with a trailer. Anyone close by?
  3. Have you asked if your mechanic offers a pick up service or can recommend someone? Mine does both!
  4. Funny you should ask. This came up for me just today.

    I crashed my bike recently- see my sig- gearshift lever's broken, so it's unrideable to the mechanic.

    I went to see my local mechanic today, a small private place, who I don't know really well, but they've given me great service and reasonable prices before. I went in and told him it was unrideable, and began to ask if he knew anyone who could help us out trailering it. Its a small place, so I thought he would just recommend a local private trailering service. But he just said "Yeah that's fine, I can probally be around there Thursday afternoon, or mabye Friday"

    So it sounds like I've just got a free pickup! Very happy, I'll stay with this service center for a long time. Shows the difference between small shops and the big dealerships. Exceptional service.

    So if you can find a decent service center, they might do it for nothing :)

    My dad owns a ute. In the past, when I had a CB250 myself, I just put it on the back of the ute. My current bike is too heavy and awkward to try this, but if you can find someone with a ute, the CB would be easy to move this way.
  5. Depending on where in Brisvegas you're located, you might try ringing one of the bike shops to see if they have a pickup service.

    Pro Kawasaki at Slacks Creek will do a pickup if you're reasonably close, and have loan bikes available so you're not of the road. Plus the guys there do a good job and look after you.