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Getting my bike back

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Not really a question, just sharing.

    Been wanting to give the Bandit a major service and new sprockets and chain for a couple of months now. Was waiting on my tax refund, but for various reasons that hasn't turned up yet. The chain was just getting worse and worse, making noises and causing vibrations.

    Found some other money and booked it in for next Wednesday. With a service and a new chain it's going to feel like a completely new bike, and put the pleasure back into riding. I can't wait!
  2. That's nice. You ride safely now and always keep to the speed limit, no wheelies and always use your blinkers appropriately.
  3. Ooookay? Good advice, not sure where it came from...

    had a bit of a scare today because the bike needed to be dropped off and the cash for the job had suddenly evaporated... but then a huge sigh of relief when the tax refund cheque arrived!

    So I now have the mighty mighty ancient 80s model GX550 loaner bike over night, and should be picking up a healthy Bandit tomorrow arvo. Can. Not. Wait.
  4. A Bandit without wheelies is like a bowling bowl, without a liquid centre :grin:
    After a quick tuition from Loz and Chef, starting to do 2nd gear mono's on Bandido. There a real :woot:
  5. I know no-ones all that interested, but I'm absolutely stoked to have it back and well.

    The sucky part is that I also got a letter yesterday showing that I only have 2 points left on my license...

    So, what a dilemma: a newly fixed and tuned Bandit 1200 that runs and feels fantastic... and a precarious grip on my license!

    So now it has a new engine-full of Motul 5100, new spark plugs and oil filter, cleaned out K & N air filter, new fork oil, new brake and clutch fluid, new chain and sprockets plus a general checkup, tune and carby balance. Woot!
  6. ouch 2 points!

    You can lose points on any bike, all of my speeding infringements have been in 60 or 80kmh zones and all on a 250! But being able to put the throttle to the stop and make an engine scream is fun!
  7. Hmm, two points left. I think you need a Ural :grin: .
  8. Digging up an ancient thread, because I just replaced the sprockets and chain on the Bandit again. Thought it had been a couple of years, maybe 3-4, turns out it was 7.5!

    Again, the old ones were pretty shite, and it feels like a new bike... and this time I haven't had a fine for yonks and have all my points!
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