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getting my baby back!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. wooo!

    just got word my bike is ready to roll \:D/ had to have the rear subframe, forks, tripleclamp and FL indicator straightened or replaced, i think there was a couple of other things too.

    i kinda beat her up a bit :( but she's good to go now! :grin:

    just a word of advice to newbies:

    - dont crash (lol)
    - look very hard @ your insurance policy

    mine was market value, little did i realise "market value" was $1000-$2000 less that what i payed for my bike, thus if i claimed, i'd lose $2500+ within two weeks. my bike was an economic write-off, so with a $600 policy, $900 excess, and in the event of a total loss a payout meant end of contract. it coulda been a veeeery expensive two weeks :shock:

    ive had to pay for repairs myself, and im changing insurance companies, but ive learnt things the hard way. hope you guys dont have to do the same.

    now all i needa do is scratch up $1k to pay em, n im back n grinning :grin:
  2. Ouch, which insurance company were you with?
  3. Western QBE.
    originally, AAMI offered me $589 premium, agreed value. only chose QBE coz they would beat that $588, and they had up to $2000 gear coverage, unlike AAMIs $400 or something. plus i could (performance) modify the bike, couldnt with AAMI.

    ive decided agreed value is a lil more important than a zorst, lol.
  4. just got a cover note from AAMI, insurance has DROPPED lol. made a mistake with the last policy, quote was for an '05, mines '04. and the accident hasnt affected the policy, as i made no claim!! :grin:

    today is a sweet day, n tomorrow will be even better, im back on two (motorised) wheels!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. I found a similar thing with quite a few insurance companies. Not sure if it just because I ride an import they don't have a set value on their system. Market Value is just the insurance companies way of saying AH HA another sucker we can fleece *bastards* :evil: .
    The thing with market value is if you make a claim they send one of their assesors to check out the bike than till you how much it's worth compared to the market rate depending on it's condition. But how the hell is some pencil neck that has probably never even sat on a bike going to tell you how much your bike is worth AFTER and incident. You may have a completly immaculate faired bike that has just had a decent low slide and no the fairings make it look like a POS despite there no really being that much damage.

    The only company that I found would give me a fixed price was Shannons. They will adjust the policy depending on how much you think your machine is worth (within reason of course) and most of the people there no what they are talking about. On top of all that you get automatic coverage of your riding gear upto 3k for rider and 1k for pillion.

    Anyway I am glad to hear your baby is ready to go and hope you get the funds together so you can get out there asap.

    Hope to see you out there soon

  6. I went with Insure My Ride for a number of reasons, but one of them was when I took out the policy, they told me what the market value was and it was much higher than anyone else :grin:.
  7. did they tell u market value changes like a chameleon? :p

    mmm aus_dragon, sounds like u did your homework a bit more than me originally! but yeah, now i know alot better. AAMI actually set their agreed value @ the price u purchase the bike, or they did for me, no questions asked, im assuming u can get it changed greater or less, depending if u need change the premium.

    woot woot! :D got mums credit card, all, my gear, am set for tomorrow. now, can i remember how to ride...? :LOL: :cool:
  8. Excellent to hear you have your ride back Nibor. I hope there aren't too many visible signs of your little off left. I guess any scratches etc. can be project work for you once you get it home.

    Don't park it up on crash corner again. :p See you at the Mentoring ride.

    PS: As I said in your crash thread, I have Agreed Value with WQBE, and it is one of the options on their web site quote. Maybe they don't offer it to all customers :?: Regardless, anyone reading this thread should be aware that it is possible, and do their own research. :cool:
  9. Yep - will be great seeing you back on the road, Nibor :grin:

    I'm with WQBE for my new baby and they said it would only cost me an extra $50 for me to go agreed value. But they also said that I'll get my bike replaced with a brand new one if it's written-off/stolen within the 1st 2yrs. So... why would I pay extra if they'd replace it with new? :?

    I also got a quote from Swann: same premium and pretty much same conditions, except $2000 gear cover + separate helmet cover up to $500. QBE is $4000 gear cover including helmet cover.

    Insuremyride mustn't be interested in my bike/demographics coz they quoted me $2200 :shock: :shock: . The others were $1060. Certainly worth shopping around.
  10. A good question. I don't know what extra, if any, I am paying for agreed value, but I'm only paying $482 for an agreed value of $25,000 this year, so it can't be costing me much extra, if any.

    The thing is, in the third year it may be hard to move from Market Value to Agreed Value. I don't know. So if I pay $20 extra over two years for agreed value, and have control over that value from year three on, I'm happy. While you can negotiate Agreed Value, it is only within a specific range of values.

    Still, a good point for most people.
  11. So can you? :facepalm:

    Great to hear you've got your baby back :grin: