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Getting motul chain lube/grease/sticky filth of rims/bike parts?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Freeform, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Product advice for getting motul road chain lube off my rims and pretty rim stickers?
    Also those other hard to remove sticky sort of ingrained with dirt stains I have noticed on certain parts...
    Water/soup is ineffective :)


  2. You tried soup? Fair enough...

    I was advised to use WD40 to clean my rims - spray some onto a rag and then wipe off the gunk...
    Being VERY careful not to get it on your rubbery bits.
    I suspect it might eat your rimstickers though...
  3. try Mr Sheen
  4. i use kero, works wonders. just dab onto a non abrasive cloth and wipe away, if its not coming off too quickly, soak a microfibre cloth in kero and wipe away

    if you got it on your wheels too,
    1.scrub with a steel toothbrush / brush
    2.pour kero
    3. repeat
  5. Kero and a soft cloth.
  6. You could try Motul's own chain cleaner (though any butoxypropanol based cleaner would be just as effective and probably a fraction of the price).

    I used to use kero but now use Supercheap's homebrand citrus degreaser as it seems to work just as well as kero, but without making the bike smell like a diesel tractor (even though it does still sound like one at idle).
  7. i've often wondered about the effectiveness of this product. i've been keen on purchasing it and giving it a go, but just find that kero works 100% of the time for me. does it leave any residue, or lack of shinyness compared to kero?
  8. If you just spray the degreaser on then it'll leave a residue, but if you hose it off then as far as I can tell it doesn't leave anything on the surface. I find this far better than the oily film kero leaves behind which just seems to attract dirt and prevents the chain lube I use (Silkolene chain gel) from sticking properly.

    Will still sometimes use kero if the chain is particularly filthy or for getting the gunge of the primary sprocket, but then use degreaser to get rid of the kero.
  9. Motul chain clean and Motul wash and wax.
  10. White spirits. No not Bacardi. Sensational cleaner and wont affect the paint or anodizing.
  11. Thats easy!

    tyre shine on your tyres (including the contact patch)

    and non acid wheel cleaner on the rims

    Hint: one of these is incorrect
  12. OP is trying to remove chain lube from rims not clean the chain.
  13. Actually both of those are incorrect.
  14. For which I recommended degreaser, the oily film of kero or WD40 on rims only attracts dirt and brake dust.

    The post you've quoted was in reply to MAV's question, not the OP.
  15. Final Inspection

    This guy is the best vehicle detailer in Australia and also has an online shop selling anything and everything to do with cleaning vehicles (people transport their exotic cars from all over Australia for him to detail or pay for him to go to them and he drives a ferrari cali). Had the car detailed by him over a year ago and bought lots of chemicals which till today use both on the car and bike.

    Best way I found of getting gunk, lube, dirt off rims is:

    1- Wet tyres/rims
    2- Spray some of this degreaser on the rims
    3- Spray some brake cleaner which can be purchased from the online shop of above website but is down at the moment so can't link
    4- Wear plastic latex glove on one hand
    5- Wear a wash mitt like this one which can also be purchased from the above website when back online
    6- Spray/rinse down with hose

    note: don't use the wash mitt that you use on the rims for anywhere else and use a seperate mitt when washing the panels/rest of the bike

    My bike has rim stickers & branding painted on tyres and nothing is peeling or fading by cleaning rims in above way
  16. That degreaser is basically just kerosene in a spray pack.
    The brake cleaner is an organic solvent which would remove the kerosene residue (it also damages tyres so you need to be careful where you spray it).

    So that method would certainly work, but given the price of brake cleaner it seems a little excessive compared with just using a water soluble degreaser.

    Oh, and forgot to mention earlier once the rims are clean are coat of a decent carnauba wax certainly helps with keeping them clean.
  17. I have recently started spraying a little degreaser before applying the brake cleaner firstly because the degraser was on special at supercheap for 12 cans at $24 and secondly so as to not use as much brake cleaner.

    Been doing above method for the past year and cleans the tyres perfectly 100% without damaging anything. The brake cleaner available from final inspection is different to what's available elsewhere as it's his own mix and solely only available from fi.

    If I can remember correctly the brake cleaner cost $20 for a 500ml bottle and is so concentrated that only a few squirts suffice. Have been using the same same 500ml bottle for the past year on my bike and car and it still isn't finished. I am very fastidious when it comes to cleaning. I wash my bike once a week and car every fortnight and can vouch above method works, doesn't damage anything and isn't time consuming. All up probably takes 5 minutes for both tyres of the bike and 10 for 4 tyres of the car.
  18. I see. Obviously different to the brake cleaners you get at the likes of supercheap which clearly state not to get in contact with rubber.

    This FI stuff sounds interesting, you know what it's called exactly by any chance? I want to see if I can track down a MSDS and see what's in it.
  19. Definitely different. FI products are catered to the customers who really care about keeping their prides and joy clean and whom only want to use the best and safest products to achieve that result. Jump on board the forum of FI and you can ask any questions there or wait till the online shop gets back online and you can gander thru their range. He uses the same brake cleaner to clean the rims of lamborghinis, ferraris, aston martins just to name a few so my reasoning is if it's good enough for them it surely is good enough for my humble honda.
  20. Yeah I'll keep on eye on that site and check out the store when it comes back online, thanks for the link.
    Personally I don't see Ferrari as much of an endorsement, my old Alfa shares parts with Ferrari (or rather Ferrari used the same FIAT parts) and I know all to well how crap those parts are :LOL:. Am curious though to see if they're doing anything different to the other major brands.