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Getting modern - ports upgrade

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by port80, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Two years ago I bought a low km '98 CBR600F3, it was a fantastic bike and would do pretty much anything well. From commuting to track days and a little bit of off roading it begged to be ridden. However after 72,000kms it was getting a little tired and needed decent money to be spent. Between that and my apparent mid life crisis (ha!) I decided it was time to get modern.

    So I spent much time looking around for the replacement. I really wanted something with well sorted suspension, great low/mid range and good longevity. I got a leg over a modern cbr6, tried on a gsxr750 and looked at pretty much everything else by the big four. I put a deposit down on a white gsxr750. However I did the sums and found that I couldn't justify the massive loan I would need to get out.

    Browsing bikesales one afternoon I found it! Black '05 GSXR1000 with 8,000kms. I rang the buyer (total champ!), not dropped, serviced at least once a year seen a couple of track days but looked after. Within 2 hours I was taking it for a test ride.

    Low/mid range power - CHECK! Good suspension - check. Ride position.. so/so. General condition of the bike was close to showroom. For $11k he included a full service, 11 months rego, all the accessories, bike cover and all paperwork and service history.

    Sadly I had to sell my CBR6 in order to help repay the loan on the new bike. For one night I owned two road bikes. Here's my pic to prove it to myself.

  2. Congrats James, I hope you and the Zook have many enjoyable years together :).
  3. Yay, new bike!!

    When's wheelies at monday coffee?? :grin:
  4. nice work - congratulations!
  5. Congrats mate !
    BTW .. LOVE the colour :wink:
  6. congrats on the new toy, nice upgrade :wink:
  7. Nice bike, port. Looks great. God I love new toys!!!!![/b]
  8. Thanks guys. The bike (shorty followed by myself) will make an appearance next Monday night.

    Note to self, mild throttle, 2nd gear 7000rpm.. holysonofa^&*%^&* Mark consider my face melted.
  9. Awesome bike port80 and very appealing colour scheme !
    Here's to many fun-filled, onlooker-jaw-dropping adventures :)
    Enjoy buddy.
  10. Bring it around and show me. I need to urinate on the big Suz..suzu....you know :)
  11. Hah cool post - well done.

    Also - awesome, we have a new section!
  12. No worries mate will do. I was going to come around and give you the cardigan I bought you to match that BMW :p
  13. Very nice :grin:
  14. :rofl:

    Is it beige in colour?
  15. No I thought beige a little too out there for yourself, so it was a toss up between the off white and the bone. I settled on ivory in the end.
  16. Yep, sounds great lo.... (cha ching...toaster).... What a caaaaatch !!!

    Another Wired World Of Sports fan :LOL:

    Oops...not to change the topic : Great bike dude ;)
  17. Heard a similar gixxer start up on Lygon street a couple days ago, they sound sweet. :)
  18. Congrats. You bought the best bike in the best colour :grin: :p . Looks like it has an aftermarket exhaust?

    I know what you mean by the response at mild throttle openings :grin: