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N/A | National Getting kids into motorcycle racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Barters81, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Hi all.........anyone out there with kids that are into racing? How did you go about it and what age did you start?

    I've got a 5 (nearly 6) year old son who is all but obsessed with Valentino Rossi. Not sure how that happened.....actually yes I do, and I'm proud of it. :)

    Thinking of getting him a little dirt bike for Christmas to get him on motorized two wheels. Though there is going to be some serious backlash from the Mrs.

    But where to from there?
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  2. contact Nunawading motocross club
    great family orientated club
  3. oh youre in Brisbane
  4. All good. This thread can be a source of info for anyone out there with the same question. Thanks for the input.
  5. The rules as they stand infer that the motorcycle sport for someone like your son are in Junior MX or Minimoto, starting @ age 7.
    Doesn't rule out a pee wee 50, and practice in the back paddock till then..
    An appropriate collection of brochures and leaflets espousing the benefits of modern hi-tech safety gear might help sway the decision making .....


    To find out what clubs operate in your area....Motorcycling Qld
    Motorcycling Queensland > Home
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  6. mike8863mike8863 awesome, many thanks for the post.

    I figured he'd be a bit young at the present but wanted to get myself prepared (read: get my wife prepared).

    Why wasn't I racing 125GP when I was 14? That would have been fantastic.
  7. some incentive for the young fella...



    Arthur Sissis, aged about 8 or 9.....when we were all racing minimoto at Sth Morang

    Arthur went on to be a junior speedway champ and raced in 125GP and Moto3 in the WC.
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  8. Get him a ttr50 for Xmas and all the gear and take him riding as much as u can and go from there. We have found a few local ovals that arnt too visible from major roads and my girls ride around there. Haven't had any problems so far
  9. Hi Dude, have a look at Motorcycling Queensland > Home it has all the info getting started in motor cycle racing in QLD. Probly bestand as far as i know the only stuff At your boys age avablewill be flat trackor motocross. The only bike worth considering in your young fellers bracket is the KTM as nothing else in competive, go along to some race meet sand watch a few events it will help the Mrs get used to the idea and you will see the spark in the boys eye. Don't know where you are bases but there is informal racing at the Caboolture show grounds on Friday nights. Oh and just a heads up it is an expensive sport to get into, bike, race gear, licence, coaching, practice days, race days, maintenance, trailers, caravans.
    P.s. there in racing at Kilcoy MX on Farther's Day
    My boy image.
  10. anyone got any info for around sunbury VIC?
  11. Go to the motorcycling Australia web site Motorcycling Australia: Home and follow the link to your state and there will all the info you need plus a list of all the clubs in the state.
  12. I used to race pocket bikes. Awesome and cheap racing. Wish it was still happening more in Australia.