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Getting it on road

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by heavyw8, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    A friend of mine purchased a GSX750 at Fowles Auctions yesterday and was wondering if anyone knows of the procedure necessary to get it registered and who he might see regarding an engineer certificate?

    thanks again
  2. I'm pretty sure all you need is a Victorian RWC and $700 odd dollars to pay for 1 years rego, stamp duty, transfer and a number plate.
    I had to do all of this when i brought my bike down from Sydney.
    Phone a bike shop and ask them.....
    Daz. :wink:
  3. Saw it there yesterday, the dark-grey 99 model?
    First call VicRoads 131171 and check if the bike needs a VIV-report for re-registration (odds-on, it will).
    Then repair the bike (make sure you get the steering-head/ frame/ triple clamps and fork tubes checked by someone like Bobby Martin/ Fern Tree Gully, also rims for run-out, as well as brake-discs checked at Planet Engineering or such.)
    For that the front has to be stripped out down to the head-tube. The GSX750F is habitually weak in the neck-area, check all welds and neck-tubes thoroughly. Also head-bearing seats for elongation/ out-of-round.

    Make sure to use new head-bearings after ANY front-end damage.
    Collect all receipts for parts bought and work done.
    Call VicRoads for an appointment re: VIV and pay the $300 plus GST via the phone. They'll advise on the closest VIV-joint near you.
    Take all paperwork, receipts etc etc along to the VIV inspection, then it's off to a RWC, then call VicRoads again for the inspection prior to registration (done at VicRoad offices), make an appointment and show up on time. The inspection is another 30/40 bux or so, then the bike can be registered straight after (bring $$ for rego/ numberplate etc...).
    VIV/RWC/Rego usually comes close to a round $1K. Plus stamp-duty on the MARKET value...NOT the Fowles-price paid....
  4. Or was it the GSXR750?
    If yes, your mate will have a long and expensive uphill battle :( :(
  5. Funny you should say about the week frame around the steering head, glitch.

    My mate bought an insurance write-off GSXR750 2001 model. It had done an endo over a car and was pretty battered. The front forks were tucked up near the headers and the frame was obviously tweaked around the steering head.

    But when Rick undid the triple clamp bolts the front forks sprung back into position and lined up perfectly! On checking, they were perfect, but the frame did need to be replaced.

    Which raises the question. which is cheaper to replace, the frame or the forks?
  6. AH YES... thats the one i mean........ ! ( i hope that for my mates sake you are wrong).

    Thanks for the reply. i will let him know what he needs to do.

  7. eww i purchased my first car at an auction..

    what a nightmare..
  8. Forks are decidedly cheaper to replace. Total re-palcement usually runs to about 900-1400 bux per leg. Frame often 2800-5500.
    With head-prangs it's mostly the slider-legs---usually around 300-600 each.

    The GSXF750 has a steel frame which is still fairly easy to straighten, the GSXR is more tricky, as are most alloy frames , particularly those with massive head-castings welded to hollow side-beams.
    There's an endless variety of variables in engineering depending on another endless variety of impacts and other forces involved in prangs as in to how things break/ twist/ buckle....
  9. I hope I'm wrong on that one, too...didn't check it thoroughly since I wasn't interested but had a look before the auction started.
  10. I must have been asleep.. mised another auction...

    Does any one know if there were any BabyBlades?? how much for if any??
  11. Only one pretty good RGV...can't remeber what it went for, but it made good $$ (for the owner/ Fowles, anyway )