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Getting it home..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by crinkelcut_chip, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone..
    I put down a deposit on a 2009 ninja 250r on monday... They told me 6-8 weeks.. after reading about everyones 08' 250r storys.. I wasnt expecting it until christmas..

    However.. I just got the call that the bike is ready to collet.. 7 weeks sooner than expected !.

    BUT.. I've been really sick lately.. and I'm on some pretty heavy meds.. And I cannot ride it home.. I nearly walked into a pole this morning !!!... Dont want to do that on the bike..

    Is it common for people to get there bike delivered home ?

    My house is only about a ten minute ride away..

    Do dealers normally offer a delivery service ?
    (yes.. I am calling tomorrow.. but im curious to see what is "normal" for dealers.)

    What can i expect them to charge me for ?

    If not.. can anyone recommend me a delivery service thats local.. im on the mornington peninsula.. so either here or melbourne.

    thanks guys

  2. hey there,

    i'm in Canberra and the local dealer (canberra motorcycle centre) do free delivery as long as you're in canberra. I'm not sure about other cities, but i suspect it should be the same
  3. If it's a new bike would be decent of them to do a free delivery.

    If you get stuck I can always whip down and lend a hand to ride it back for you. I'm in Cheltenham and working from home tomorrow. Can always knock off a bit early or do it Sat morning.

    PM me if you need hand.
  4. The thought of riding a new bike or your first bike home is a little bit daunting.
    Those who know Sydney, I bought the bike in Parramatta and live on the Northern Beaches, so there was no way I was going to even attempt riding it home.

    I asked when buying my bike and managed to get them to throw delivery in with the purchase price. If it's only 10 minutes, and you ask nicely, they may just do it for free. It was going to cost me $120-150.
  5. if its just up the road im sure they'll get it to you.. maybe a 6pack will seal the deal.
  6. it is not uncommon for bikes to be delivered. there are commercial transport companies but you'd hope the dealer would put it in his ute for you.
  7. Yeah, I didn't have my license on my bike, so I asked and the guy said 'no problems'. Later that day, a ute turned up, he unloaded it, put it in my garage, showed me everything. Not a problem at all. No extra charge either.
  8. Wouldn't he have to sign for it? which means he would have to collect it if they cant deliver it.
  9. When I was looking around Bikebiz in Parramatta were prepared to deliver a second hand bike to my place in Penrith. I thought that was pretty good.

  10. Sooooo did u get it home?
  11. Thanks guys.. gave the dealer a call they were more than happy to. the manager chucked it on the back of his ute at the end of the day..
    Will post a new bike thread soon ! (when iv taken some pics.. dont want ktulu getting angry now do we... :p