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Getting it all together

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Enrgkid, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. First of all I'm new here and will be attending learner meets soon.

    Secondly, does anyone know where to find 98' zzr250 chain and sprockets? and any slip on pipes that would suit?

    And finally I'm looking to replace my jacket, kevlar jeans and gloves, and found a site on the net, wondering if anyone has any experience with them and suggestions of others. The site is Bikers gear australia, found them on google.


  2. bikers gear is decent cheap stuff, most of my first gear came from there.
    you are not going to get the highest quality but for the price, you could go far worse.

    a mate of mine had 3 (yes three) accidents in one of the jackets, all it shows was some scuffs (2 slides and 1 dive onto grass)
  3. I have a leather jacket and pants from Bikers Gear. Quality seems pretty decent for what you pay - leather feels good, YKK zips, less certain about the stitching and armour. I came off at 50 km/h on a dirt road, landed on my knee, all I got was a bruise and some scuff marks on the leathers.

    If you're in Vic, I'd recommend visiting them in person. That way you can double check the sizing and fit is right for you.
  4. Thanks guys I might go ahead and buy my gloves, jacket and kevlars then, I'm considering a pair of blue swift riding boots aswell, I have been given a brand new blue Rjays Helmet so they'll match ;)

    any experience with swift boots?