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Getting into riding on track before 18

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hairyhairy, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have tried forum search and the perils of google but i cannot find what i am looking for.

    Is there a way of getting onto riding a motorbike in Victoria on a track or similar (not necessarily racing) before i am 18? I am 16 at the moment and i would really like to get into it. I dont mean dirt biking, id like it to be sports bikes on a tarmac sort of surface. I just think it would be awesome fun. I have riden a manual motorbike and i could learn the skills to do it properly.

    surely considering there are kids who are like 13 and are racing in 125 leagues they must have learnt somewhere? But i dont really know what im talking about.

    is this possible?

    thanks everyone and have a good day! :)

  2. Check the Motorcycling Australia website, it may have what you are looking for.
  3. Nearly all the youngsters are bloody quick and have been riding competitively since they were embryos. Might be a bit of a shock to the system coming in at 16!

    But yes, find a club relevant to the riding you want to do, get an MA license and a bike.
  4. What sort of bike would you be happy riding?

    Road racing is very expensive. I believe honda and metrakit both sell 125 racers off the shelf and are running junior leagues, but they're very expensive from memory, approaching $10'000 for bike alone.

    Anything bigger than 125 is probally going to be pretty intimidating.

    I would seriously consider starting out on a dirt bike, cheaper, lower terminal velocities and you'll learn much to make you fast on the tarmac.

    Alternatively, pocket bikes are seriously nuts fun, and no less of a challenge than a big bike. There is competition for all ages. Valentino Rossi started on a mini bike, didn't do him any harm.
  5. i dont want to jump onto the sport and start racing in a league because i would obviously get OWNED and dont have that kind of money. but i just want to zoom around a track!
    I was thinking like an older four stroke, from what ive heard about racing 2 stroke it will cost a fortune in rebuilds.

    and thanks for the replies! :wink:
  6. The best tip I could give is to buy someone else's hard work. Get a bike or a whole kit 2nd hand that's ready to hit the track and you'll save a lot of money. Then bring on a few practice days! :)

    Also, nothing wrong with getting owned on a race track. As long as you've got someone to chase, and someone chasing you, you don't need to win to have a ball (as long as your ego isn't too big :p). Check the rules first though, as a junior you might be limited to certain classes. Depends where you are, and what you're riding.
  7. Thanks devotard

    yeah i am thinking definatly second hand bikes!

    ive had a look on motorcycling Australia and i think what i am after is a Recreational licence, only $85 for a year! :grin:

    So the next step is to find a motorcycling australia affiliated club...

    but are there actually any road racing tracks in south east melbourne? or would i have to travel half a day to ride?

    I live in Highett 3190, near Cheltenham, Moorabbin, Mentone and...Southland :p

    thanks again guys :)
  8. There is a club near you. Sandringham mcc. P.O. box 70. Sandringham.
    Tracks in Vic are: Winton, Broadford and Philip Island.
    Go club racing. Cheapest and the best way to learn.
  9. At 16 you are a senior as far as an MA race licence goes, and you can compete / ride in any class of road racing. Clubs with a road race focus are Preston and Hartwell ( both clubs have web sites but this forum wont let me post their addresses ) in addition to Sandringham. This is important if you want to compete say in the Hartwell Club championships later on.

    Having said that, it would be negligent of me if I didn't suggest you learn your racecraft on something thats reasonably managable.....125GP, 250 proddy, 250 club sport, or 400.

    If you go 125GP, you can practice with the juniors at Broadford on their practice days usually held once a month. These days are usually a bit quieter than the open ride days, and as a result you get more track time.

    If your only after the occassional open track day then you have the choice of Phillip Island or Broadford as an easy commute from Cheltenham.

    Again with the track day use in mind a realatively cheap fun thing would have to be a Suzuki RGV250. relatively reliable, reasonably quick for a 250, not too heavy, and if you can wait till after July when the LAM's laws come in and they are no longer learner legal... they'll obviously get cheaper.