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Getting into racing/track days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Fitty, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking about buying a track bike and getting into racing/track days. Where's the best place to get some more information about the different classes and options? I assume that you can bring a non-registered bike to a track day, and that this would be a good way of beginning to learn the craft. Are there any regular track days in the greater Melbourne area, or not too far away?

  2. Thanks mate.
  3. There has been some suggestion that there will be another Preston MCC Race School / practice day Friday November 6th ( Hughie Hoare race Weekend )

    Contact / keep an eye on www.prestonmcc.com.au
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Anyone know anything about production 250cc racing or similar in Victoria?
  5. Preston usually have at least 1 race day each year...usually at the start and end of the race season...which I think is still a go ahead even though they had one mid season at Broadford in August and another in Feb. I would assume November Race School is actually locked in since the beginning of the year...lets just hope it is :D.

    Fitty, you can try the Californian Race School at Phillip Island. Heard they are great at teaching you the race techniques (body position, race line etc). Trainer rides out with you and notes what are you are doing wrong and then tells you once you're back in pits...which I think is great instant feedback which you can work on straight away. :D

    If not just do some track days with Champions Ride day as MalTravieso suggested. Should teach you a thing or two and I'm sure fellow riders will help you out if they spot you do some awkward things on the track.

    Track days at PI are fun that's for sure...even if you're a slow rider...it's awesome fun :D

    phong =P~
  6. Come to one of the meetings at Preston Motorcycle Club...there's a meeting every first Tuesday of every month, usually a second meeting on the third Tuesday of every month, not sure if that holds true anymore.

    Someone will help you out :D.

    If 250cc Production racing is anything like the 400 class, then it's pretty easy. Just a stock standard bike with race fairings, no lights/mirrors, a set of road worthy road tyres (I think 250cc have to run road tyres according to rule books), engine cover protectors and certain nuts/bolts lockwired and you should be good to race.

    You will of course need a race suit, AS approved helmet, gloves and boots. Join a motorcycle club such as Preston MCC, get your license and go racing :D. Hope that helps a bit...

    phong =P~
  7. do a couple track days first, before buying a track bike, or joining a club. this way you can see if it's what you want to sink some serious coin into.

    riding on the street, and on the track, are two totally different worlds, and you may want to try it out first.

    me, i love the track more than riding on the road. my bike is registered soley for social riding, and cruises down the coast with my missus on the back. every other km the bike travels is on the track. it's where i can ride the bike to the max of my abilities (definately not the bike's!), open it up and see some "silly speeds", and get some serious riding done, safely!

    good luck with it, and i hope to see you at the track some day soon! :cool:
  8. Do you need a current licence to ride at a track day? I'm suspended for 6 months.
  9. No you don't.

    Come to the Preston road race school on the 6th November.
    I did the last one in August and will be doing this one too.
  10. Awesome - are there any capacity restrictions? I'll be on a VTR250.
  11. Hatwell is another club that you can join to go racing with.
  12. Just to avoid Google confusion - you did mean Hartwell, didn't you Vic?


    Hijack - what are the equivalents in Sydney? Are there clubs like Preston/Hartwell or is it all through the schools?
  13. typos are my forte
  14. What we need is *drumroll* another sticky, with the all the FAQ about trackdays!

    I give it about three more posts before someone asks about insurance, hehehe.
  15. Are you insured when you go on the track?
  16. Don't make me channel Kishy!
  17. My apologies. I couldn't help myself. Off to the sin bin for 5...
  18. What exactly is this 'Kishy' you often speak of? :)

    on another note, I found this website helpfull for getting into racing: http://www.400racing.com/getstarted.asp
  19. Sadly he's M.I.A., he use to keep the noobs in line around here.