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Getting into car with 'stranger' - now in trouble with the law!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by sweetpotato83, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys. First post to this forum.

    So long back story - on a sunny weekend morning I met up with this 35 year old male neighbour who helps out with walking my dog regularly; I decided to join him (dog included) for brunch at St Kilda, him being the designated driver since I don't drive very much since an extremely scary near-death incident (long story) on the roads.

    This was the first time I got into the car with the dude and aside from the fact that his driving was a bit 'off' I didn't suspect anything unusual. That is, until he turned into a NO ENTRY road (one way street) by accident and there was a tap on the door by a couple of policemen.

    Woo. I find out he's on a learner's permit.

    Second surprise: he's getting an infringement notice for both turning into a one-way lane, and not displaying L plates.

    Third surprise: I'm the designated 'supervisor' it seems like, and since I don't drive much and I don't carry my driver's license around I get an infringement notice as well.


    Aside from going apeshit nuts at the guy afterwards, how the heck do I deal with this nasty little surprise on my hands? Do I get demerit point thanks to him?


  2. Sounds like you could get off the charge with that story.
    Not a very good situation to be in though.
  3. Do I have to make a court appearance and risk losing even more money and time for possibly nada? This is very annoying indeed.
  4. outrageous first post (y) :LOL:

    I'd be getting some basic legal advice, toot sweet ....
  5. His attempt at a date was crap. He tried to shield the police conversation from me until the big cop guy pulled me aside and told me he was an L-plater and I was his 'designated supervisor'.

    Jesus. I'm like ten years younger than him and I've got almost a decade more driving experience.

    Seriously, L-plates at 35????

    Arghhh... *pulls hair out* Calling the lawyers tmr. Thanks dudes.
  6. i would get that bloke to pay for your fine !!! as for points i dont think your going to have a leg to stand on sorry
  7. Write a letter explaining the situation and ask for the ticket to be cancelled - they say it works 50% of the time (unless you have a checkered driving history). Talk to a lawyer if that doesn't work
  8. well you had your dog with you in the car? i recon that your story would hold up pretty well if the police noticed the dog. Not many people take their neighbors dog out for a drive do they?
  9. Shouldn't you be posting this on a dog forum or a car forum?
  10. What's the TIN you got exactly?
  11. You did not agree to act as a driving supervisor
    You were not requested to act as a driving supervisor
    You were unaware of that he held no license
    You were not informed he held no license
    A reasonable person would believe a 35 year old driving a car has a license

    consider those things
  12. Thats a solid bit of advice there.
  13. Only the L-plate dude can solve this problem for OP. If he writes the letter explaining that he is responsible for the f$%^-up there might be chance.
    If I were a copper (or judge) hearing this story I would be highly skeptical unless the driver confirmed it.
    SP, you need him to back you up. How bad did you go ape on him?
  14. Did you specifically hear the driver say that you were the designated driver?

    Otherwise be cautious of police feeding you information.
  15. That's horrible. Luckily you hadn't been drinking or you could have unwittingly got a drink driving charge against your name.

    As said above a letter signed by him would very much help. However you might have to be really sweet about it, because there might be more penalties for him that his signing up for (If there isn't he certainly deserves one).
  16. who cares

    From the user profile:
    Gender: Female
  17. More competition for Goz to get jealous about.
  18. Its possible he was on L's due to losing his licence at some point. That'd certainly fit with everything else.