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Getting in touch with the Willy Club

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pink Bitz, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Can anyone let me know how I can get in contact with the Williamstown Motorcycle Club? I've looked on the MRA web and tried the link they have, but it's not working. I've also done a search on the web but the numbers I got are disconnected. Apparently they are in charge of the events at the end of the toy run.

    Thanks heaps, Donella

  2. You've no idea how relieved I was to read the DETAILS of this thread........
  3. Is this the number you tried

    Contact Dean 0403 184 175

  4. Thanks Helina, your a gem.

    I had a different contact name and phone # but I've just sent off an email to the link you gave me.


  5. You might want to try williamstown with 2 L's :)
  6. I was actually dissappointed . :cry: Thought this might be the club for me to join .
  7. Midnight: Personally, I'd prefer my willie to not be hit by a club, but I guess everyone is different ;)

  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: So very true .
  9. ... surely a willy club would be full of willies? No offence if that really is your preference ;)
  10. all ready for the big adventure tomorrow, eswen?
  11. hehe..... racked up too many Ks over the weekend combined with too much partying and late nights...
    spending tomorrow asleep in bed & packing, leaving tuesday. (hopefully weather will hold out)
  12. You thinking Netrider does Puppetry of the penis or something Paul? :D
  13. They are looking after an event called Bikes By The Bay. It has been the destination of the Toy Run the past couple of years. Come down to the park to grab a snag and drink, catch a few bands and see some pretty cool bikes (The coolest being a certain silver VTR1000 :wink: )

    I shall be down there myself helping out the best I can. The timing can be a bugger because I can't always make the Toy Run. I may get a Netrider to donate a toy on my behalf this year so I still get into the spirit of it despite not attending.

    The contact number for Dean above is a good one to try. Or you can email John on the email link as well.
  14. No Mick, I've just been hanging around Netrider for so long I'm starting to think like a Netrider; it was just too good a cue to pass up, if you know what I mean. I'm sure some people deliberately word their threads so that silly people like me can make jokes out of them :p
  15. A willy club :
    parliment sitting ?

    afetr reading martys posts in relation to Loz's poll and the bullshit banter backwards and forward , i would say there a candidate for a willy club in netrider
    some netriders gathered in one place (a group of dickheads)
  16. Hey Donella, does your hubby know your'e looking for the WILLY club. ( when you find them, can I come too!! )
    sorry I couldnt pass that up :LOL:
  17. For future reference , a good place to try for toyrun information is
  18. Thanks Vic, it did help having 2 'L's.

    hornet600: I might be blonde but I know how to get peoples attention........puppetry of the penis was a damn good show!

    VtrElmarco: Thanks for the info. I'll make sure I 'grab' a snag and not the 'willy' I was looking for.............

    curtaingirlZX6R: When my 'boyfriend' puts a ring on my finger then he can dictate who's willy I touch and who's I don't, til then, I'm my own boss.

    Cheers all,

  19. Surely Glen, the same way it is a pride of lions, it would be a droop of netriders?
  20. maybe a "limp" of netriders :)