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Getting impatient

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyro_02, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. I am stressing out bad as ! I want to get the bike on the road now!! not in 1-2 months :( I dunno what to do to 'buy some time' ... I just want to get out and have some fun riding.

    my lists before i can get registration:

    Helmet (next week)
    engine Tappet nut(tomorrow)
    - RWC and whatever(if they pick anything up)
    RWC(probably next week)
    Reg($400-$500?) (some day)

    i have 25 days left on my unregistration permit

    -- Pondering how I can get a loan hehe... no one has answers for me :)

    i'll probably get on the road and i'll be a shit rider again lol :p
  2. Have patience young one. [-o<
  3. all good things come to those who wait.

    edit :

    and if they dont you can come here and tell us we wont judge you... :LOL:
  4. Just about anyone that lends money these days throws it around willy nilly.

    Try a loan centre, they advertise in every mag and spewspaper classifieds.
  5. if ur unemployed and on benifits centrelink will put a loan straight into your bank account.
  6. i am on the 'dole' atm cant get a loan till april

    don't worry everyones tax money won't go to waste . soon as i get the bike on the road rest assured ill have a job :D
  7. Why not just get a job? Unless there are some reason why you cannot get one.....
  8. the only thing stopping me....... no transport

    my next job will involve me getting to work place where public transport doesn't go. and even if it did I'll never catch public transport again. it sucks.

    i sold my car (what little i got out of the pos) and bought a bike

    first day on the road today.. clocked up 120k's on unreg permit still :(
  9. up for a ride?..... i'll be the push bike rider in full leathers making broom broom noises from under my helmet...

    new bike is just a few weeks away....... ITS KILLING ME.....
  10. Cool 120kms thats more than me lol! I like the look of the CBX, they look a lot nicer than the CB250, more rounded. Have you had any close calls yet? Taken the bike up to 100 km/h yet?
  11. nah not really any close calls, just compression lock ups in the wet and fish tailing. but no rear-ends or stacks etc :p

    i took it up to 90kmh... after 80kmh i flat the throttle and feels like it dies in the arse.. barely moves.. would hate to see if or how long it'll take to get to 100/110 :( .. prev. owner said he had it up to 150kmh... i might need a carb clean ? or plugs/leads perhaps.

    something a little fishy about my front end, it vibrates and shakes at 60-80kmh .. but sometimes its ok... maybe bearings or shocks(turned front wheel manually in air can't see any things out of the ordinary on the wheel itself..
  12. Full throttle at 80km/h!! Not good, my postie bike did 90km/h at full throttle!

    Sounds as though you may need some work done, more than a carb clean for sure.....
  13. Possibly not so good mate, worst case it's been bent :? Get a member to check it over for you just to be safe, literally?
  14. you dont want to find out that youve got a front end problem when its too late! Definately something to get checked out... Maybe ask when you get a roadworhty. I'ttl cost you, but its better than being in crutches and looking at your bike for six weeks.
  15. They also charge you 50% interest on whatever you borrow lol... I would borrow the money off a friend of some relative. :grin:
  16. Mate, have a close read of your permit. You may find it only allows you to ride at certain times (7am - 7pm), and on certain routes (to and from place of repair). It may not cover you for test rides...

    If you get caught you may find you're riding outside the conditions of the permit, and as such unregistered. Only a few hundred dollar fine, no prob if you have the cash.

    But then you say you have some handling probs. If you have a prang on an unregistered motor vehicle you may find that the other party will chase you civilly for damages. No insurance will wear this for you and you'll end up owing big cash for things like damaged road infrastructure or some one else's Merc. This may put you in debt for years.

    Think about the risk you're taking!
  17. yeah i normally take it up the hwy towards some motorcycle mechanics ;)

    since i've had my unreg permit, i have gone atleast once A DAY to a bike mechanic. yesterday i got my front wheel tyre aligned, but the tyre went down soon as a pulled up to my driveway :(

    rest of the times its backstreets of my residents.

    the only thing it says is... I can do single trip journeys . i can take it on hwys, and i can take it to mechanics, so if my mechanic is say.. 5 hrs away he he.

    but yah, it does say take the direct route.

    about my front end vibrations(hopping)

    i took it to mechanics, they said they'll fix it for free, they tried putted heaps of air in the tyre to pop the walls out (cause the left section of tyre wall were too-far inside the rim, which they said would be the problem.

    got it home, tyre went down

    took wheel back, $40 to fix, should get it back today with new tube & valve:)