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Getting hit with sand and grit behind farm truck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. I just want you honest opinion on this as I have taken a conservative approach to this. I don't know enough to be confidant I did the right thing.

    we did a group ride last night and part of that ride included the bushfire zone from last month in Adelaide. we regrouped in middle of Kersbrook and a farmer truck passed us by. I knew that we had 10kms of double white lines. sure enough we took off and farmer joe loomed up soon ahead of us. he decided to put half the track into the dirt and the other half still on the road so he tried to do the best thing with 30 bikes behind him.

    only thing was we had a howling wind happening and we, over several minute got dumped with sand and grit behind this truck. I only had one thing in my mind.......I will need to get the scrubbing brush, and kero to clean our chains asap. I did that today and wash and polished our bikes. 3 hours all up. but they are relubricated with Motul (looks white when applied)

    was this over reacting or the dust wouldn't have done any damage to the chains and cogs. remembering we are cruiser riders and if a fly shit land on our bikes......we panic.
  2. Most real cruisers have a belt ;)

    It's never good to saturate a chain and the sprockets with grit and dirt, the smarter thing to do here is stay away from the truck.
  3. I've got a shaft o_O
  4. Me too, I have 2 of them.
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  5. Good to clean it but a bit of over reaction too. Chains on motocross bikes don't die from a bit of dirt..
  6. chain maintenance is always good, but to be honest I doubt that 2 minutes of grit from the farmer did any more damage than normal dirt from the rest of your ride
  7. Perhaps in the future when you see the truck pass give it 10-15 minutes have smoke/chat whatever you like and then set off. even if you are doing 10-15km/h over it will take a while to catch up.
  8. in group ride you gotta do what leader does. it was just bad luck. a few riders got temporarly blinded with grit in eyes.

    few months ago my pushbike cost me 243.00 to replace drivetrain which got chewed out by grit. the same week my mbike cost 215.00 for a service!!.....so with that in mind, i probably was overly causious. if you love your machine, you look after it. but as someone mentioned, those dirt bikes get hammered with grit......
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  9. You could always ride through a river crossing to rinse it out :)

    But seriously, imagine if it was a livestock truck, you'd really be in the muck then!
  10. Jphanna, You could do as much harm with the scrubbing brush if it has bristles stiff enough to work the grit into the Oring/Xring seals of the chain. Any brush should be soft enough to avoid this. A hard brush is ok on the outside of the side plates, however be careful about the top, bottom of the chain with the brush. That is where the rings will be most exposed to the effects of the brush.

    Chain maintenance can be reduced to a weekly wipe with a rag with a little kero in it, by fitting an auto-oiler. You will at least double the life of your chain and sprocket sets and save a lot of time and effort, and expense on special chain lubricant products.
  11. I would say you over reacted slightly. Certainly after a prolonged ride on dirt roads you'd want to clean and lube your chain but not after a short stint.
  12. My chain maintenance is a 5 minute job once a week. Wipe chain with some o-ring safe solvent on a rag, re-lube.

    No need for a chain oiler, all you have to do is actually do the maintenance rather than a couple of times a year saying oh might clean the chain.

    The only thing an automatic oiler is good for is touring so you don't need carry lube or stop to lube the chain.

  13. thanks for the tip. the brush i was using had hardish bristles. i will get a can of mbike chain lube with the proper brush included. i heard some brands include the brush.
  14. Chain wax, won't fling and doesn't attract grit like that sticky shite.
  15. Bad luck? No, bad roadcraft.
  16. All I got from this, is it took a few minutes for 30 bikes to pass a slow moving truck that had pulled across onto the shoulder to let you through...Oh and you've over reacted.