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Getting full use of my SIDI boots..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. So I know it's not necessarily a good thing, but I'm stoked anyway! WEnt for a ride today and amongst other rds, did the Reefton Spur for the first time ever. And whilst going around a rather tight right hander I felt a strange sensation on my right boot. A holey sheet sensation. With much stunnment I realised that my toe was sliding along the ground. I've done this plenty of times on the ol' Virago but never ever on the VTR. Usually I have my toes up on the pegs but this corner I was trailing the rear brake.

    I now have a nice big scrape on the toe slider of my Sidi boots am I'm rather rapt with it. lol. :LOL:
  2. You, madam, are a goose. :LOL:

    Knee next, then elbow. Let us know how you go! :grin:
  3. what colour is your VTR?
    im assuming u went past Rays on the way through to reefton?
    im thinking it was you i saw while i was mowing down a burger :LOL:
    only saw 1 vtr for the day, other than mine
  4. Time to wash the draggins again huh :butt:
  5. No surprise to me. The few times I saw you in my mirrors, you were doing great :)
  6. Nope, dont surprise me at all either.. Every time Ive seen you ride you've had the bike tipping in nicely.. It was only a matter of time :grin: :grin:
  7. :) Took a while to get there though Realm! And I'm not sure I want it to happen again ;) Sure do like the look of the 'worn down' toe slider though... :LOL: Is this where I confess I still have days where the body and brain can't get it right and I pretty much forget how to get it all together and properly ride a motorbike? :wink: :? :oops: :LOL:

    Mouth - you were looking pretty good yourself :) Very smooth :) I enjoy riding with folk such as yourself - not sure if you realise it but I'm watching and learning from ya's! ;) :grin:

    nibor - that wasn't me. we were going the other way - Reefton to Spur/Rays.
  8. pfft :roll:
    I have plenty of scratches on my boots. :p never from scraping while riding though

    sounds like you'll be ready for a bigger bike soon.
  9. sounds like me kneee sliders, nee.
    some nice scratches on em, but not from the sliding im wanting :LOL:
  10. On my cornering and braking course on my VTR at the go-cart track up here I wore away almost all of my toe slider on my right foot just trailing heaps of rear into turns, I only hit my left a few times when I touched the peg down.

    Also to anyone out there with those shitty aftermarket foot pegs with sharp corners grind them off so it doesnt kick the bike up when they hit the ground.
  11. They're for bolting little wheels on!
  12. eh~ i toe scraped doing my license test at hart :LOL:
    they told me to ride as fast as i could through the marked corner. didnt wanna disappoint.