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Getting full license advice wanted RE:upgrade 250 to 1000

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scooby, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Firstly i would like to apologise as i'm sure this has been discussed loads of times before however after using the search button a number of times i have given up and decided i should just make another post.

    Im about to get my full license and would like some advice as to an upgrade.

    I have been riding a ZXR-250 for a year and a half now and like most p-platers i have been hanging out to upgrade to a bigger bike.
    Well actually i plan to keep the 250 as well but thats another story.

    I have ridden bigger bikes on a number of occasions in different countries. eg i hired a GSX-R1000 for a week at one point, also have ridden CBR-900's CBR-400's etc etc......

    I was originally thinking i should first upgrade to a 600 for a year or two then go for the upgrade to a 1000.

    Now, i have been discussing my options with some friends and doing some thinking and i am even more confused now.

    Firstly an upgrade from a 250 to either a 600 or a 1000 will require i get used to the throttle all over again. (either way)

    I'm thinking the major factors here that i am going to have trouble with are actually the physical size and weight differences of a larger CC bike not the throttle differences since i should be able to get used to the throttle reasonably quickly. (please correct me if i am wrong between a 600 and a 1000). I believe i can also discipline myself enough not to go out and do anything stupid on the new bike.
    The make and year model of the 600s i am interested in are around a $10k - $11k mark. However a 1000cc bike i would love is around the $13k mark.

    The 600's are around the 160kg dry mark yet the 1000CC bike i am looking at is 170kgs Dry!!

    Factors such as the price difference and that there does not seem to be a large physical size or weight difference between my options are making me lean towards the 1000cc bike.

    Now, given this information, am i crazy to think about upgrading straight to a 1000CC from a 250cc???
    Am i signing my death certificate here???

    Can anyone else give me any feedback of their experiences jumping from a 250 to a ~1000 cc bike?

    Many thanks and stay safe
  2. Search again, there are dozens of threads dealing with exactly this issue.
  3. Hey Scooby !

    I just recently upgraded from a ZZR250 to a Triumph Sprint ST 955cc (1 week after my restrictions ended) !

    I have to say that I think its the best thing i have ever done ! I did struggle with the ZZR a bit due to my height. I find the ST much more comfortable.
    I also seem to be riding better, I think the weight of the bike really helps as I feel a lot more balanced.
    Obviously, youre going to get some idiots out there who go and upgrade to this sort of bike and just go crazy, but if youre sensible and know your limits I think that an upgrade like this is well worth it !
  4. Re: Getting full license advice wanted RE:upgrade 250 to 100

    10kg isnt going to make much difference.

    Mate it basically sounds like you've already made up your mind. You want a 1000cc so if u can afford it then go get it (maybe sell the 250 after all) just be careful on it and you'll be right. If you can trust yourself to be disciplined on it I dont think ud have a problem.

    Jumping straight on a 1000 and finding it too much is just as much risk (in economic terms) as getting a 600 and finding u get sick of it quickly.
  5. Hey there mate,

    I'm in the same predicament as you are right now.

    My restrictions have been over for quite some time, I just have to go and do the paperwork to get my full license (24 years old :)) and I've had a few factors sway my decision.

    Firstly, my brother and father have been riding for some time, and my brother said, plain and simple, it's "too much of a f**k about to get a 600, get tired of it and spend all that money over again to get a 1000" which, despite the language, is pretty good advice financially, imo.

    Secondly, I've come in contact with a guy last week who's first bike was a 2005 R6, and who has just upgraded to a 2007 CBR1000RR. That bike, by the way, with a good pipe on it sounds NUTS. It barks at you!

    Anyway, my point is that it's not completely impossible or unheard of. This guy's friend who was there, also wit a CBR1000RR 05 model. I was chatting to him and he'd been riding all of THREE WEEKS, and he's on a litre bike already.

    For some, the learning curve should definitely span three displacements, purely for the 'getting it down' factor. Others seem to grasp it quite well. The decision is yours to make, and as many do say on here, don't come looking here for approval. The netrider community is vast and varied, some will say yay, some will say nay.

    All I'm going to say is his:

    Starting on a 250, moving to a 600 and then to a 1000 is not ALWAYS the way it HAS to be done. What you need to ask yourself is "Will I be able to control this bike".
  6. Buy whatever class bike you are comfortable on, and enjoy the test-ride of.

    Then do a super-bike training course.

    Then enjoy the hell out of the bike and tell anyone who doesn't ride to shove their advice up their arse :)
  7. Hey There,

    I just upgraded from a 250 to a 1000, as you already probably aware, the handling on the bigger bikes are good.
    The Question is do you want to spend $11K on a 600 then in another year or 2 spend $13K on a 1000cc.
    Go for the 1000 just treat her with repect and she'll do you right.
  8. :LOL: I'm also at the stage of upgrading from a CBR250, but with the km I do I'll prob need to change bikes every year or 2 anyway! So I'll probably gradually work my way up, get used to the size & power, and save on those tyres (as mentioned in this thread!).
  9. +1, on top of telling anyone who says its stupid to go straight to a 1000cc, to shove it up their arse.

    The restricted period is intended to get you used to the basics of controlling a bike, teaching you how to ride. Same deal with a car. Whenever you jump in a different car/bike theres always going to be some differences, which may take time to get used to, but regardless if you can control yourself theres no reason not to go straight for the litre bike.

    Why is the debate always 600-1000. There are lots of nice faired bikes that dont fit the bill, daytona 675, gsxr750, vfr800, etc. The daytona i wouold say is one of the sexiest bikes out at the moment, and doesnt cost an arm and a leg more then the 600's.
  10. I still have about 4 months before being in the same boat.

    I say go for it. If you think you can handle/need the full 1000cc and you have the $$ why not. Just buy what you think you will be happy with.

    I'm with Pinxie on this one, I'd like to save more on insurance, tyres, etc considering the number of km's I've done on the 250. Plus I don't think I'll ever use the full potential of 600cc let alone 1000cc.
  11. Only thing for me is when I get sick of a 600, at least I can step up to a 1000! And a 600 has got plenty of power for me at the moment. Either way dude, whatever you're comfortable with.
  12. The only thing I would be concerned about would be the insurance premiums for a realtively new rider and a 1000cc weapon. A smaller bike may be financially more feasible. Id happily go for a litre provided insurance doesnt bend me over and give me a rodgering!
  13. Ahhhrr...the age old question... :)
    IF you can afford it, then I would go for the Litre bike....and I assume you are comfortable with that weight ranger etc

    BUT...quiet word to the wise...even if you DO keep your throttle in your pants <grin>, remember that the faster the bike, the faster you can get into trouble...so worry more about NOT how fast you can go (That's the easy part), but just how quickly you can stop/reduce speed....assuming you even have the space to do so.
  14. Thankyou everyone for your advice.

    i will keep you posted
  15. dude, there is bugger all difference in "usable on the street" venom between a 600 and a thou these days.
    do what you feel comfortable with :)
  16. it really is different for every person and you will need to test ride a few 600's and a few 1000's to know what is right for you

    I went from a Cb250 to a Hornet 600 and it's perfect for ME.

    my BF went from a ZZR 250 to a CB1300 and it's perfect for HIM.

    though he is starting to talk about downsizing a little after riding that bike for 3 years now, not cause it's too much for him but because he just doesn't have the oppertunity to use all of it's power.
  17. Screwball's bother is correct.
  18. its just like pants.
    you get what size fits you.....you dont get a 79 and work your way up to a 98 if you are a 98. that would be rather uncomfortable.
  19. I went to a litre bike straight after I got my full licence, nothing bad happened. I exercised self control.
    Mind you, the bike does weigh 270kgs :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. mate i jumped from a VTR250 to a VTR1000.
    the biggest problem im having is in the braking department. there is ALOT more bike to pull up. mind you, we are talking about a detuned V twin, in the "sports touring guise" so its a little more chubby than its superbike bretheren. throttle control comes from experience in my opionion, not cc progression. you might find your front wheel in the air if you have a brain fart and dump your throttle in the first three gears. if you really want a thou, get a thou.