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Getting Fuel in Gippsland - Beware of Exx fuel

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Gippsland Petroleum Group has been sold to United Petroleum. The changeover happened this week.

    GPG owned about 30 servos from around Pakenham through to Cann River and up around the high country, South Gippsland and so on.

    Its major brand was Mobil until recently when it changed to Caltex.

    Now, United Petroleum owns them all.

    (there are other issues with respect to mass sackings and the installation of Asian and other migrants but that's by-the-by).

    Rumors persist that UP dilutes its fuel with ethanol to make it marginally "cheaper" than regular branded fuels and accordingly it may not be advertised on the bowsers.

    So, when you guys are out and about in Gorgeous Gippsland on a Netride or whatever, please consider this when filling up. Asking the attendant if UP fuels are tainted with ethanol is unlikely to get you an authoritative answer, or even one that you could use if damage to the bike occurs and a damages claim ensues.
  2. Hmm, Thanks for the warning Mjt, Maybe invest in some of these test kits. It would certainly put the wind up attendants to see you testing their fuel. ;)
  3. It's been a massive pita for those of us with mobil and shell cards :(
  4. And with Caltex cards, too, when Mobil moved to Caltex (and we lost a nice discount), and now, to nothing. I still have a BP card and there appears to be more of them around now, plus a Shell card. But I know of only one Shell servo...
  5. yep thats exactly the case. in sale a few weeks ago me and my old man went to the ex mobil caltex and got a bit of 98 for his modified classic car (needs minimum 98).

    pinged it ass off. the bowsers were labelled 98 but upon looking at the receipt the fuel was cheaper than advertised and was obviously not true 98. lucky we only got about 15 litres as we were scheptical about the fuel quality.

    all the employees have to re-apply for their jobs at a lower rate of pay (+-$13 hr) . but i bet $20 that less than 15% of attendants keep their jobs.

    bit of a scum act really, now i have to ride to stratford to get some good fuel from the BP servo there as shell doesnt have 98, independant fuel station has no 98, caltex has apparently 98 (bull crap).

    oh well.
  6. My local Mobil Quix servo in Kings Rd St Albans has signs all over it stating;

    No Mobil cards accepted from 3rd October
  7. We got that advice yesterday. Looks like Mobil may be pulling out of the retail business. Maybe UP is taking its operations over too.

    In Traralgon Sth, a small community, it has a servo/mixed business with a residence for the operator and his family. UP rocked up one morning last week and told the guy to vacate the premises. There are now Indian/Pakistani people running it. The whole town supposedly is boycotting the place.
  8. thats crap, but how it is. none of the old employees will keep their job, united dont employ those kind of people.