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getting flat spot around 6000 rpm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, May 26, 2008.

  1. My across pulls away nicely in low rpms till about 6000 it tends to choke. It only gives if I shift down gear get it around 7000 or above then it takes off again.

    around this 5000-6000 rpm the more throttle you give it the slower it takes to get to a higher rev range.

    What could this be?

  2. Clean out the carbs, cause some jet/tube/needle is prob blocked. Then install a good fuel filter to stop it happening again
  3. dont think the bike has a fuel filter
    can i install one?
    and would i put it before or after the fuel cock??

    why do they censor fuelcock
  4. clean and balance first.

    If it's still there then you are probably looking at needles and/or needle jets.
  5. the strange thing is that it revs at 2k at idle when warm, is this normal or should i reduce base idle ?
  6. quite often these 250/4s do that. Someone here will be able to confirm what your idle should be set at.

    reducing idle however won't fix your mid-range hesitation
  7. Put an inline filter between the fuel cock and the carbs, just cut the fuel line and but one in. Use some clamps to hold it on.

    Cock is a bad word, to keep the kiddies from harm its censored

    what throttle position is the hesitation at(carbs work on throttle position not rpm), is the flat spot in the same positions for each gear?
  8. what's wrong with cattle-truck?
  9. Suzuki Across?

    It's a throttle slide holder. These little white plastic clip things wear out and they're as easy as piss to fix. Should cost you about 8 bucks for the parts.

    Here's how to do 'em yourself:

    If you were in Melb I'd gladly show you how on a spanner night, but I'll happily bet you a beer that's your problem right there.
  10. thanx guys

    I will try and open the carbs asap

    and take a look, it might be the slides, sounds like my prob
  11. You know it was the slide holders, but i didnt need to replace them, anyone with a similar problem, just pull the slide holders out useing a flathead driver, when its out, as long as its not snapped, just squeeze the ends that grip to the needle, and snap it back on, the play that was there before goes away, now it runs sweet, thanx mate
  12. No worries, if it happens again though, spend the 8 bucks and you'll be sorted :)