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Getting flashed by cars

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rhys84au, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Seriously, is it just the noob in me wondering wtf.

    i dont see myself doing anything wrong.. i can be riding straight down the road and get flashed.. happened twice yesterday within about 15 minutes.

    then today as i came upto my left turn i was indicating about 4 seconds from my turn.. moved into the slip lane.. got flashed by a car waiting to turn into the same street i was turning into (he was coming from opposite direction.

    i wasnt speeding... i was coming to a stop as its a give way in that slip lane obviously and i had nothing behind me but i stopped to give way to the guy that flashed me.

    im with the impression its just dumbass drivers not realising i cant turn my headlight off so they are determined to flash me to say "yo your headlights on" first thought the first time it happened was "hmm i didnt accidentaly hit my high beam did i" but nope.

  2. You might have hesitated so the driver flashed his lights to say "you go first". Nothing to worry about in any case.
  3. Are you sure people are actually turning high beams on and off? I often think I see flashes because a car goes over a dip or a pot hole or raises slightly when it comes to a stop. Real flashes are pretty rare and usualy self explanatory when they happen.
  4. You don't have high beam on or an indicator that isn't working?
  5. some times they flash to tell you there is a speed camera, Etc.

    Some times they flash because your lights are on,

    Some times they flash because they think they will slow you down because they think bikes are always speeding,

    They are out there, Hahahahaha
  6. Good point, stand 5m in front of your bike and check the angle of your light. It could be positioned too high or wired wrong to be on hi beam.
  7. Low beam might need adjusting down a little, but you are more likely to be flashed for that of a night time.

    My headlights on the very edges are noticably blue-ish red-ish, and im pretty sure from a distance right on that border it could look like flashing reds and blues.

    Edit: Just beat me sd :p.
  8. You idiot = they're trying to warn you about the speed cameras!
  9. no, no cameras around. I know the general flash to let people know about them.

    but for the straight stretch of road iam talking about is about 2.5k long i was about 500 meters along it when i got flashed. no camera along that road and i have to go all the way along it.

    ill recheck my angle of light but tbh i think its fine and combine that with the fact the gs500 headlight is not exactly ultra bright to begin with this shouldnt be the issue, and no high beam is not on..

    edit; indicators are fine also, do my preride check on those and tail light before taking off every trip... 15 seconds to check is nothing.
  10. it's how they nod
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    Damn. False advertising this thread. I thought it was going to be about girls hanging it all out the window. I'm gonna go back to reading the articles in playboy instead.
  12. Dunno where abouts you are, but it's happened to me a fair bit around Brisbane. I find hardly anyone flashes about speed cameras any more (what happened, people?!) so I usually conclude that they are muppets and get my focus back to riding.
  13. The other week I had a cop come around a leftie (for him) on the wrong side of the road in front of me (several hundred metres away, so no poo in the pants). When he got back onto his side of the road, he flashed his headlights at me. A km sown the road another dude flashed his headlights at me, then I came across a corner with some light gravel spray across it. Who knows... The OP's flashers could've been letting him know about gravel, pot-holes, etc...
  14. I had this happen to me too one night about a month ago...

    Was out for a ride one evening, and as it started to get dark, I began to make my way home. Got flashed two or three times by oncoming traffic on a suburban road. Thought they might be warning me about a police speed check, so I slowed down to 45km/h in a 50 zone for the next 5 minutes. Then again, waiting at traffic lights, I got flashed.

    Then got on the West Gate Freeway back into the city, and took the offramp to Kings Way. Was stopped and waiting in a queue for a green light onto Kings Way, when I felt a tap on my shoulder - a truckie had jumped out of his truck behind me, and said "Mate, your headlight is out". I was surprised and couldn't really thank him as the lights were turning green and he had to run back to his truck, but I owe him one.

    Rode the short distance home with my high beam on (not all that safe either, I know). I stopped and had a look at my bike from the front with the headlight off (under normal street lighting)... it was practically invisible! Not sure how long I'd been riding with no headlight that night, I guess with the street/freeway lighting I didn't really notice my light was out.
  15. I will typically flash lights for license or road hazards. It doesn't happen enough nowadays. I find I only get flashed when i'm doing something other drivers don't like.
  16. +1. :)

    Maybe they are also riders in their spare time.
  17. LOL =D>
  18. It's to let you know that they can't see you.
  19. I thought it was to say "your zip's undone, and the thing hanging down your leg is giving me an inferiority complex..." :cheeky:
  20. As others have said, check your headlight adjustment. A while ago, for a few weeks after I put the bike back together, people were flashing their lights at me. One knob jockey, in a ute that I'd overtaken, even decided to ride my arse and flash me constantly.

    I only worked out later that my headlight was adjusted so that riding on level ground it was ok, but the slightest bump meant it was shining upwards momentarily, giving the impression that I was flashing my high beams. Captain Cortisol in the ute must have thought that I was flashing him to let me past, then decided he'd show me a thing or two about inbreeding by flashing me back. ;)