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Getting filmed without consent

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Stagger Lee, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. A few weeks ago myself and a mate had the pleasure of riding along the Gwydir hwy. Being well into a weeks tour of northern NSW and S/E Qld and loaded up with luggage we where travelling faster than legal speeds but not too crazy.

    We noticed a car behind us that was getting pretty ragged in trying to keep up with us. Having previously overtaken it we knew it was not a police car so no problems.

    The car however was becoming more and more distracting and spoiling our 'fun' because we were getting worried about oncoming traffic hitting the car. So near the top of the hwy we pulled over at a parking bay to let it go but it pulled in behind us.

    Out pops a girl passenger with a camera and approaches us and says that she has just filmed us (and was still filming) because it looked like we were having fun.

    In my usual grumpy style I told here to f-off which she did, though shocked that we were not 'happy'. later I even thought I should have just taken the camera off her and taken the memory card or as my mate pointed out maybe we should have just ridden faster..... 8-[

    Has anyone else been filmed while riding?

    Can that film be used against me if posted on you tube?

    What would have you done in this instance?
  2. Was she hot?

    Perhaps suggest filming other activities that are equally fun, but in the privacy of your bedroom/motel?
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  3. Actually yes she was -
  4. Which road did you say this happened on? Closest town?
  5. This is a genuine issue these days.
  6. After perusing netrider for a few years now I have decided to branch out into the tinfoil hat industry. $19.95 protects you from all manner of mental invasion and keeps you safe from harm.


    Just send me your money for peace of mind. (Alien abductions excluded)

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  7. Your in a public place getting filmed, deal with it.................she can film whoever she wants to.

    I film as well, but do try to make sure that I dont put riders out of line with the law..............and usually block off their plates or any identifying stuff or not include more fun stuff ;).......

    If riders or cagers are being a total dick and a danger to everyone else then yeah ive got no qualms about showing their plates.................I for one dont need other riders taking out another (im not talking about fast and in control riders, but the showoffs way over their limit nearly taking out another group)............
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  8. A mere hat is not enough
  9. Sweet bro, where do you live? I want to show up at random times and do some photography out the front.
  10. jd, that is possibly the scariest photograph I have ever seen
  11. You told a hottie to fuck off? Sorry, all sympathy gone, you're a traitor to our gender. That tin foil warrior above is coming for you.
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  12. 1. In Victoria drivers and riders have been charged based on footage posted on YouTube. If she filmed your license plate and you did anything easily identifiable as illegal you have reason to be cautious.

    2. Filmed you coz it looked like you were having fun? Bullshit. If they thought it looked fun / cool wouldn't they just carry on past blowing the horn and giving the thumbs up?

    3. "if you like filming fun things, there's a motel in the next town..." (you did say she was hot!)
  13. This. I honestly think it's a good thing overall that individual photography and videos are allowed in a public place, as well as being necessary for a lot of art photography it also allows things like mistreatment at the hands of law enforcement to be recorded. Systematic surveillance like the UK is keen on, well, that's another matter entirely.

    There are specific laws against stalking, though. ;)
  14. QFT
    legally she's fine filming you.
    but you should have definitely hit her up.
    was she driving and filming or??
  15. She can film who she wants in a public place, but, she can not then use any identifiable footage for any commercial gain without their consent (youtube payments would I believe be considered commercial gain).

    And once again we have someone that is deciding based on their own beliefs what is dangerous and what is not, and being fine about publishing it on youtube. So, do you have a defined definition on when someone changes from being a fast and in control rider (better placate the cool people on here) to being over their limit, to be able to show their plates?
  16. Did you get her plate?
    To get the footage theyd have to be keeping pace and line with you, so by extension any speed you hit they hit too, wont save you from a ticket but meansyou have the "eye for an eye" option if you do get hit up about it by the police.

    Short version - their driving is on the same piece of film.
  17. ^ Don't think they could use any private video for booking someone because of excessive speed anyway. Their speedo wouldn't have been calibrated to measure exact speed.

    Breaking other road rules, like overtaking where there's continuous lines, going through red lights, etc. could be another issue all together though.

    I guess the worry would be if they don't think about what can happen if they post the vid on Youtube.

    My take on the whole thread is that the OP should have just either stopped earlier, or gotten the hell out of there. :D
  18. Perfectly legal if following these guidelines
  19. Yes as others have said completely legal and acceptable to film or photograph others in a public place.

    As if she's gonna use the footage for anything anyway. As for the thought of trying to take camera or memory card off her - well that would be pretty bloody pathetic wouldn't it.

    Maybe you should have been a little more polite - she was probably genuine.