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Getting Custom Leather Jacket made - questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by far_canel, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Hey all;

    Due to my ducks I can not fit into any off the rack leather jackets. If the shoulders / arms fit then they are far too long therefore can't zip them up as the waist band part is around my arse. Vica versa, right length I have no hope in getting my arms in the sleeves and pulling the jacket closed. Therefore, I am resorting to Tiger Angel to make me one to fit etc.

    I have a few questions however before I commence the design process. I'm moving to Europe to tour and work, and plan to buy a daytona 675 on arrival. So the cut will be sports fit as Julie at TA explained to me. However, as I am moving to Europe, would I best be waiting till I get there to buy a jacket?? Bearing in mind I can get it fitted here then altered if need be, and I definitely know the price here (might be more expensive over there).

    Secondly, the tightness, this can be chosen from step one. As I plan to end up in the colder countries, should I get the jacket made so as I can fit say a thick jumper underneath, or 't-shirt tight' so as to only be able to wear a t-shirt underneath??

    Thirdly, vents. What would be the most effective vents to have in hot weather? I know from experience my current textile jacket during hot weather will let air circulate around the torso, but not around the arms. Do I get something for that, and just side vents??

    Design, a few friends of mine who have had custom jackets made have had pictures of stuff put on the back. However I have nothing of interest to want to plaster across my back, therefore the back of the jacket will look pretty plain. Any suggestions?? a pattern with the leather cut? Leave it plain?? Make something up??

    Colours, white, I love white, but everyone I know with a white leather jacket it seems to look old and dingy looking. Steer away from white?

    Anything else I should know???

    Cheers for your help...