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Getting close to upgrade time

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Well it's nearly October and that means time to consider selling the ZZR and moving up the capacity tree. My item of desire was a Triumph America or the better handling and greater performing Speedmaster, but due to a planned (by SheGod) overseas trip to the UK, I am having to rethink what to get.

    Don't want to jump up to a litre bike, not keen on naked's and too young (only 53) to buy a Jap cruiser. So, trying to keep my budget under $9000 and from what I have seen in ads and shops I have shortened my list to the following;

    Yamaha YZF600 Thundercat
    Honda CBR600F
    Kawasaki ZX636
    Triumph Daytona T595
    Honda VFR800 (favourite but a budget stretcher)

    Final choice will be ride and compatability but any feedback on these, positive or negative would be appreciated, also considered the Honda VFR750, being an older bike are they still a good option.

    My apologies to the Suzuki riders I forgot to add the GSX750F to the list.

    BTW. My ZZR250 is a black 2004 model with 13000km on the clock, Ventura gear rack and a set of Megacycle pipes, if your looking around October and have around $6300 to spend, PM me.

  2. thundercat and 600F are great all round bikes with similar power delivered in a slightly different way (cat having a bit of surge at the top end where the 600F is flat all the way). both have comfy seats and higher bars than the race replica bikes, but both are still VERY capable bikes in twisties and speed stakes (i have written proof that the cat will do 200kph in 4th gear.... sigh :oops: ).

    biggest difference between them is the feel, the 600F feels smaller and thinner where the cat feels wider and larger. both weigh the same and put out the same power (or a bees dick of difference), i personally think the cat handles better in twisties and it definately has better wind protection, but that could just be that i was used to it due to being my bike.

    cant give you a rundown on the others, but thats what i think of these two at least. jump on them all and see what you think. and i'd be thinking that the ZX6R might be a bit agressive for you if you're used to the ZZR, i reckon the YZF600R, CBR600F and VFR750/800 would most likely suit your developed style the best :D
  3. Coco gave a fair run down, The VFR800 is a better bike than the VFR750 (boy, am I going to get flamed for that statement!) but not by very much. It is a Sports-Tourer so don't expect blade-like performance but it really is a great bike. I commute each day, go for a fang and do track days on it. For an all-rounder you just wont find better.

    A friend has a Thundercat and I'd also put that in the sport tourer segment but with more focus on the sports look and feel. He loves it but he did come up from an Across so who knows?

    If you want VFR specific info PM me.
  4. Triumph Daytona T595 is only a whisker under the litre at ~955cc's; so i don't see why you've put it in the same basket at the 600's.
    As has already been seen, the VFR's have quite a following though. ;)

    Go with what your heart wants, ignore your head. ;)
  5. ZX6R cough cough

    Not that I'm bias or anything :D
  6. LOL, but that won't match my blue leathers & helmet! :p
  7. Just get a new helmet and leathers as part of the deal ;)
  8. ...as do "Blondes" :p :p :p :p
  9. think what you probably refer to is the tt600 (595cc) or the daytona 600 (595cc) or the daytona 650 (546cc)

    the t595 effectively became the daytona 955 which is now the daytona 1050 (1046cc)

    i think anyway, will no doubt be corrected if i'm wrong
  10. guys thanks for the feedback, first choice out of the 600's is the Thundercat, to me it's the best looking of the 600's by a long yard, but it is all on looks at the moment as I have not ridden one yet. I can't believe I stuffed up the Triumph, it should have been the TT600 ( and me a self confessed Trumpy fan too) how bloody sad is that.
    Not after a full blown sports bike, I need something that will get me to and from work everyday, and out for the longer rides on weekends, also concerned with reliability, I'm and oil, plugs and chain bloke, anything else I have to pay the experts to do.

    One more question: How long has the VFR800 been in production and are they all the same specs?
  11. Hey Deyago, just as well "you know who" isn't online at the moment!!!
  12. Oddly enough, those are 2 high on my list of potential upgrades list. Although pending a couple of test ride's i'm not limiting myself to a 600cc bike as i'd rather spend the extra time growing into a bike rather than tiring of it and wanting to sell it after a few months.

    Alot of people have always recommended looking at the Firestorms as they have been a popular big bike choice amongst a few recent graduate netriders. On the other hand, i love the rev-range and high-rpm howl offered only by the inline-4's; hence the Trumpy big bore triple's seem like an acceptable half way compromise to me.

    That said, i'm sure once i look into the pricing of tyres, parts, insurance etc for the big Trumpy, i'll happily settle for a 600. ;)
  13. All of that is correct except the Daytona Displacement. The 2006 Daytona did not recieve the upgraded engine. It still has the 955i engine. The speed triple however does have the 1050cc. I have the AMCN articel infront of me on the 955i so i know it's right!!
  14. i think you may not be seeing what a 600 can do really. once you get out of the 250 class, none of the sportsbikes are really 'boring' as such. you wont get tired of a sports tourer 600, you just might want something a little more focused or with a little more grunt.

    and at the risk of sounding biased, i'd grab the thundercat. i know thats what i had, but seriously, it was a RIPPER of a bike. plenty enuff power to get me in trouble, solid handling that isn't really that far off my ZX7 and really comfy on the longer trips. IMO, its the best compromise of power, handling, comfort and user friendliness out there, really a top choice for a 250 upgrade :D
  15. Simple really: The V4!
  16. Another Triumph fan here.

    Have you thought about an older Sprint ST?? (when they were still 955 and not 1050cc)
    Very comfy for commuting, but still has the grunt and such for fun on the weekends. As its a sports tourer it isnt to bad to insure either.

    Best idea, sit on them all, ride them all.

    As long as you are mature and can control your own wrist you can be cool going from a 250 to a litre bike (i have known a few that have and have enjoyed it)

    Some other questions for you, do you plan to upgrade the bike again in another couple of years? If so, you might be happy with a smaller capacity bike as a stepping stone up to the bigger bike. If you want to stay on your next bike for quite a number of years, then maybe the litre bikes might be more your thing, more to grow into.

    More food for thought, have you considered doing more rider training?
    A couple of months back i did an intermediate rider course with HART. I got to ride a 600cc bike (was VERY hard to get back on a 250 later that night) and taught me some really good skills that i can work on now while i await my restrictions to end (bloody should of got my licence before my L's nearly ran out) and gave me a stepping stone to help with going up to a bigger bike.

    Just some more thoughts for you.

    Now im off to wait until november and continue drooling over the bigger bike out the front..................

  17. This "next big step up" 'problem' comes up quite a bit. I got onto a 600 Hornet after 20 years of not riding anything. It is a world of difference to anything I had before, but the human brain has an amazing capacity to absorb and adjust. What you will notice most, whether you go to 600cc (my ideal) or a 1200, is increased weight of the bike, and everything happens a little faster. But don't let it daunt you; ride heaps of choices and buy the one that 'stirs the loins', as someone else recently said (and I just shamelessly ripped off)!!!
  18. I guess the advice you've been given so far, I'd have to echo what others have posted. Go out there with an open mind (try to make sure nothing falls out) and try out as many bikes as you can. Don't get fixated on one brand or one type of bike as you might find something really great in an area you hadn't considered. Ride them all, and make sure you get some idea of cost of ownership (with one Netrider posting last night that he gets 2000k's out of a tyre @ $400 a throw, that's an important consideration)
  19. Go the VFR... especialy the older models... '93 onwards till they started making the 800... In my opinion the 800 takes away some of the charm and feel of the 750's... the new model of the 800 with the V-tec engine is unfortunately so far removed from the VFR in the way it rides it makes me sad...

    If you decide not to go with the VFR have a go on the Thundercat or the CBR600f...
  20. had a play on a viffer today, 99 model that they wanted way too much money for, but it do feel nice under the bum, and I can touch the ground when stopped..woohoo... got to twist the grip and go Vroooom Vroooom when the sales guy went to get me a price.. Shame I couldn't take it for a spin but I can understand their reluctance to allow a "restricted" rider out of the shop on an unrestricted bike. When did the VFR go VTEC, and one more question, what are the obvious signs to look for, I know panel damage and what have you , was thinking more along the lines of engine/gearbox, etc.

    And once again.... thanks for the informed feedback.