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NSW Getting Blue Slip for bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by YammyBase, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. right,
    My bike arrived from QLD without any number plate.

    Got it booked to get a blueslip tomorrow morning.

    1/ I heard it is ok in NSW to ride a motorcycle without a number plate when its ridden to the workshop to get blue slip done. Is this true?

    2/ If above is true, is it ok to ride back home without a number plate?

    3/ Any other tips and wisdom on this matter? Please?
  2. I'd check with the RMS by phone on this, and I'd also ask the Police in the area you are planning this ride for their adjudication. You wouldn't want to be arguing with them on the road-side that the RMS had said something other than what they are saying.
    Alternatively, do you know someone with a trailer???
  3. As far as I know as long as you have an appointment booked for the inspection your OK.Have there phone number on you if any cops wants to check.BTW your 100% guaranteed to be OK,any INTERNET advice is as good as gold.Let us all know what the RTA or whatever its called this month say.
  4. It's ok to ride as long as your going straight to and from the inspection station or rta or weigh bridge
  5. cops have always recommended to me to write a note with date and time, where you are going, maybe even rough route, and sign it and have ready to pull out.
    shows that you intended to comply with the "straight to workshop or RMS for rego requirements" rule.
    is it closer to ride home or ride to RMS?


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    What @oldcorollas@oldcorollas said.

    You need to be able to convince a cop that you're in the process of getting rego. I made sure I had the name, address and phone number of the mechanic that I was on my way to. From there I had the safety inspection slip in case I got pulled over. Then next stop was the RMS and hopefully a plate. I also printed out that RMS webpage that oldcorollas quoted, just in case I needed to (politely) remind a cop what the rules were.

    Sounds obvious, but bring tools and fasteners to attach the plate as soon as you have it. Sure, you could always show the plate once you're pulled over, but it's better to avoid getting pulled over in the first place.

    Also, you're already riding without a plate so don't do anything to attract any undue attention to yourself (like, say, de-baffling the very loud exhaust on your yet-to-be-registered bike and ending up a few cars behind a HWP vehicle, running the motor barely above idle and silently willing the the pipe to be quiet until you reached the RMS - that would just be stupid.)
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