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N/A | National Getting Bikes Counted on Census Day - You Must Ride yours to Work - Facebook Event

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. A Facebook Event has been started to encourage motorcycle and scooter riders to ride their bikes to work on Census Day 9th August.

    In this years census registered vehicles parked at households are being counted - but motorcycles are excluded.

    Motorcycles will be counted in Question 45 and it only relates to whether it is being used for commuting to work on census day.

    There are dozens of reasons why motorcycles should/must be counted - there are '000s out every weekend, and money for safety/training, road space allocation and a myriad of issues to which I anticipate many here can add.

    So - the important thing is to invite people to register for the Facebook Event even if you can't get on your own bike that day.

    It is important to send a message to the ABS re motorcycles/scooters.

    I look forward to hearing peoples opinions about this. Hopefully we can recognise its importnace.

    Please pass the word on to other forums and email friends.
  2. There's probably a simple answer to the question, but how will my bike NOT being at home, but at work, on census day, effect the results of the census if bikes aren't counted (irrespective of location?) anyway??

    just asking......
  3. I ride to work everyday...so won't make much difference for me.

    I haven't seen the form yet, but if there is room, I'll add MOTORCYCLE and it's own box and tick it...but I doubt the computer system that the form runs through will pick it up, but I sure hope the person handling them might notice if the computer does read ERROR!
  4. I work from home - but, I will be riding my bike that day - so, that means I feel that I can honestly say I rode it that day.

    Curly question. Its up to you what you put on the form. I can't (be seen to) encourage you one way or the other.

    Of more importance is to share the message - for those who can ride to work that day to pull their leathers on and use their motorcycle/scooter instead of driving or taking public transport.
  5. Hmmm - never thought about doing that. Nor, would I encourage that act........But, who am I to tell you that you can't.

  6. Could be how many vehicles are parked outside at the moment?


    What vehicle did you use to get to work today?
  7. I think that the ride to work question is important and is different to the garaged question. They want to know how many people actually ride in everyday so they can plan for road capacity etc.

    If they want to know how many motorbikes (or cars) are at a premises they can look up registration data). Unless you are swapping plates on your bikes illegally.

  8. Totally agree with this, the more people put down that they ride to work the better equipped the future planners will be to acknowledge it and provide for proper infrastructure.
  9. I worked the census in 1996 and 2001, and my wife worked it in 2006. I can comprehensively tell you that whatever extraneous data you add to the form is whited out with giant correction tapes by thousands of admin staff, so that the OCR machines ignore everything except the fields the OCR machines are required to read. Don't waste your time. The only people who will see what you wrote are 20 year old unemployed dudes who "correct" about 2000 forms a day. They won't even read it.

    If you want change, you need to contact ABS, they're the ones that set the report standards and codes.
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  10. I figured that would have been the case, since the machine wouldn't even understand it. Thank you for your information, I will not waste any volunteers' time by doing so.
  11. I don't want to see change, because I don't think its gunna happen.

    But, I do believe that "bikes out on the road" will achieve the desired result, and that is why I would like to see as many bikes out on census day as possible.

    Its about the need for infrastructure, and the way that M/C are incorporated that is the issue at stake. Getting max bikes counted on census day will get us one huge step closer to that goal.

    So keep inviting people to the Facebook Event.

    If the event gets big enough - then it may even become newsworthy - and that will really aid our goal.
  12. That's cool, i was responding to the idea of adding data to the form and just letting the poster know that it will be ignored.

    The idea is sound. You will get change if you push it hard enough.

    Also, I again suggest maybe contacting ABS. They aren't going to ignore you. Their role is of a reporting nature and they strive to capture as much data as possible, all for the purposes of good statistics. You'll find that motorcycles are currently lumped in with cars when they code the statistics from the forms. If a subset of stats is large enough they will add the correct sub stats codes to cover them. The ABS isn't like the RTA, they produce the data that other govt departments then manipulate. The ABS is apolitical.
  13. ABS was contacted by MRA after the last census. I'll leave it up to TonyE to explain the outcome of that one.
  14. I'm curious.

    I'll hazard a guess that it was something along the lines of "motorcycle use is insignificant in comparison to road use in general and therefore doesn't meet the requirements for it's own ANZ sub-classification"?
  15. I pointed out that it was essential for both safety and transport planning purposes et. etc. I once worked at ABS so I know the jargon :)

    The response was something like a combination of of what snuff3r said and "we don't give a stuff"...

    Realistically a high response in the travel to work question would be a lot better. Just knowing the number of bikes out there is interesting but not that important - we can get that information from the number of registered motorcycles.
  16. Pretty much what I was thinking. The census is for overall population trend/stats and isn't really focusing on things like motorcycle vs car usage. Anything that looks into specific industries requires its own research setup, for eg. the RTA doing a study for a specific purpose XYZ.
  17. I read somewhere else that if there is a question like "how many motorcycle riders are in the house hold" or "how many motorcycle does the house hold own" you need to put an over inflated amount such as 10 instead of 1. This makes the data seem like there are lots of bike riders out on the road hence needing motorcycle infrastructure planning for the future.
  18. If the statistical analysis has some intelligence, it will exclude inconsistent data if you put in more riders than the total number of people in the house (not that there's a question like that on the form).

    Personally, I'm thinking of saying that my religion is "motorcycling". I think that any motorcyclist who has no specific religion should specify it in the space provided for "other" religion. After all, if the worship of imaginary beings is valid for religious beliefs, then the worship of a real thing is too! Just for the record, last Thursday night I was practicing my motorcycling worship rituals in the hills, and I found it to be very uplifting! :D

    The question on the form regarding the mode of transport used to go to work has "motorcycle or motor scooter" as an option, but the question about the number of vehicles parked at or near the address specifically excludes motorcycles. So, yes, it's important that you ride your motorbike/scooter to work on census day, unless you intend to lie (which is probably illegal).
  19. I also have some knowledge of the previous Census, and what snuff3r said is right. This will not work.

    Forms are initially read by computer and anything that cannot be read will go to a human. But the human essentially only can record the answer as one of the listed options, or as an invalid response.

    Two separate questions. One is how many vehicles at the house NOT counting motorcycles. The other is how did you get to work today options include motorcycles.

    Or so I believe I still have to sight this years form and hope to have a copy tomorrow.
  20. question 45, How did the person get to work on Tuesday?

    possible answer; motorbike or scooter