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Getting Bike on Thursday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by udluv2, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. New rider here, finally getting my bike on Thursday, got all my gear already.
    Just wondering what tips and advice you can give to a new rider.

  2. Read the stickies
  3. Don't crash


    As above, there are a bundle of threads already
  4. What bike are you getting? Is it new or used?
  5. Keep the shiny side up...
  6. + 1 reading the threads stickied. Wealth of information contained with them, chances are what questions you have someone has already asked and its been given an answer.
  7. Get onto it as often as you can, to get as much practice as possible. Reading all the stickies is a great idea, but unless you go out and practice the writings, it won't help you a lot.

    Have Fun!
  8. If you've been lurking, then you should easily be aware of the gems of info throughout the site. Yes?
    Then already have plenty to think about.
    Go ride carparks, and do a few short forays around the streets.

    You did'nt get a bike license...you were handed a go learn how to ride, pass.

    So just learn... :)
  9. If you are a confident rider, takle it easy. You aren't as good as you think. Have faith in the bike because at this stage of your riding career it can handle things better than you can. Be smooth and gentle and don't do too much to hamper the bike doing it's job.

    If you aren't a confident rider, post in the mentoring thread in the stickies at the top of this forum and see if you can get a local experienced rider to give you some one on one help. Don't forget to mention where you live or you aren't likely to get too many replies. Get several hours of pracice in quiet back streets before venturing out into traffic.

    If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, as soon as you are confident in traffic, get yourself down to the practice sessions so you can meet other riders, get some practice and some tips.

    I am a big fan of new riders practicing emergency braking. Sooner or later a motorist will try to kill you and you will hit the brakes. A good rider will hardly ever emergency brake but you are much more likely to as a new rider. And if you don't do it correctly you are more likely to crash to due to braking incorrectly than you hitting the car or obsstacle you are trying to avoid.

    Above all, have fun and don't crash.