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Getting back on the road

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Milesy1, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    It been a long time since I was on the forums, or a bike for that matter, but thought this would be the best place to come get some fresh info.

    Basicailly I have $5000 to spend on a bike. (I have a little extra for gear). I have been looking at bikesales.com.au, and I should be able to get something reasonable for my money. Im looking at a 250cc as its only for commuting to work and back (about 25kms each way) so that is fine, and will save me a heap on rego and insurance. Although I have an unrestriceted licence if there is a better option.

    So it comes down to what to get. My original bike (13 years ago) was a Honda VT250C. I'm strongly leaning on getting another one. I can get a 1995 model with 20-30,000 Kms on it for around $4000. However I can get a 2010 Hyosung GV250 Aquila with 6000ks for that money. Last time I looked the Hoysungs where new to the market and I was advised to stear well clear. Is that still the case or are they a solid ride now?

  2. The Hyo-dungs still have a reputation for being ... disposable.

    These days the rego classes are a bit different to what they used to be. A 650 is very close to a 250 now (NSW) with multiple steps in the scale instead of a jump from "cheap" to "might as well be a car" at 299cc.
  3. Thanks Dark Angel,

    I have had a poke around a bit more that I'm thinking about it seriously. I can get a VN800 for similar money too. Seems you pay a premium for LAMS approved bikes, which makes sense. Insurance is the same and rego is only $200 more, but still less than my car. I think I'll be looking bigger.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Hyosungs. At the $$ I assumed they would be crappy, but good to have confirmation.
  4. I know a few people with Hyosungs, and all have been happy with the reliability. There have been faults, as with all brands, but most can be traced back to something someone has done. Dead chain, no lube or adjustment. Bent swing arm, it isn't a dirt bike and should not be jumped like one. Fuel starvation at WOT, fully hectic K&N air filter doesn't give enough vacuum to open the petcock. Bike has heavy steering and bad handling, 5psi tyre pressure doesn't work, but was a slowish leak (5psi a day).

    That said, I probably wouldn't buy one. My love of bike brands goes to a well known American manufacture, well them an Suzuki.

    What state are you in? Each state has slightly different rules, with the ACT being the most open.
  5. Try a VFR800 if you don't need LAMS.
  6. Gen1 sv650 close thread now
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  7. I have a suzuki TU250 for mainly commuting, 45km each way. Weighs 150kg, narrow, and I get around 350km to a tank before the fuel light comes on. It has a 12litre tank.
  8. Are you trying to offload your one?......ur trackie looks super nice ;)
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking at a cruiser, or at a pinch a naked. I've ridden everything and cruiser is my style. Im in Melbourne FWIW.

    Seems to be a few options available to me. I'll stick to the Jap bikes I think. If anyone is trying to sell something in my price range message me.
  10. Both my Sons in Law had Hyosung 650s. Basically a SV650 copy. One sold his soon after he got it, for reasons unrelated to the bike. The other one still has his. I've ridden it. It's OK. Hasn't given him any problems, but for similar money, I'd rather an SV. It's got a great engine. Not real big though if you are large. Larger people find the DL650 Vstrom (same engine) nice, but they are a bit pricier..
  11. You should be able to get a 2005ish Honda VT750 for $5 ish.

    LAMS bikes are a bit overpriced for what you get, especially in cruisers. I would spend the money on a bigger bike if I was unrestricted rather than pay LAMS cruiser prices

    LAMS nakeds arent as bad. If you want a naked the Honda VTR250 is the best value I think. Cheap to buy, cheap to run, long lasting.