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Getting back on bikes s1000rr or new r1 ??????

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bobg, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Hi I getting back into my bike want to know which would be the. Best and where I ca get the best deal

  2. Given that (as far as I know) nobody in this country has yet ridden the new R1, I don't think we can answer that for you.
    Won't stop 'em having opinions though...
  3. Just my opinion but I never buy the first generation of anything, be it cars, bikes, PCs etc. Therefore I'd go the S1000 as it's a midlife refresh whereas the R1 is as near as makes no difference a new model.
  4. The world launch was held in Sydney a couple weeks ago, there's already a bunch of reviews and a ton of people in Australia who have ridden it.

    OP - you should by which ever one you think is the sickest.
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  5. Thanks guys beginning to think a bit like wobble the first gen thing was on my mind to but got 2 or 3 months yet to save the rest of the cash up so the r1 should be available more readily then as well and might get a bargain demo anyone know where I'm gonna get a good deal
  6. i doubt u will get any discounts or good deals on such a newly released bike any time soon
  7. Wobble ay ? That should bring a smile to the big fellas face.
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  8. Damn auto correct sorry womble :)
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  9. Got a quote of 26,450 for the s1000rr ride away so already a3k price drop on list price also got offered demo for. 24,950 but don't think that is much of a saving on the new or am I being greedy and expecting to much a saving on a demo
  10. I was referring to the brand new r1 that I don't think u can even buy at the moment
  11. Is that the price for the new and updated 2015 S1000RR or the last generation 2014 model? There's a fair difference - not as much as with the R1 but still worth checking.
  12. The new 2015 model with dynamic package would of expected about 4k less for a demo model
  13. $3k off sounds like an OK deal, BMW don't knock a lot off their prices - perceived quality and all that nonsense.

    When I bought my K1300R it was a few months old and had under 1,000KMs on it. I almost paid list price (it did have about $10k's worth of extra's on it though) and they gave me a stupidly good trade in on my M109R.
  14. Hi womble it was 3 k off list price but only 1.5k off for demo model does that seem good
  15. That sounds about right for a BMW ex demo. Not a fantastic deal but consider that it's an in demand model and for better or worse it's got the German badge.

    If you can't squeeze the dealer on price it's always worth trying to get a free service or two thrown in as well as a full tank of fuel.
  16. A quick search on reviews etc states in general that the new R1 is geared towards race day guys rather than your day to day riders. I couldn't find any real world reviews of the new R1.

    If the R1 was the bike for you, i noted that there is also a R1M version which has carbon fibre body work, electronic adjustable suspension, software mods for data logging and so on..

    So.. Based on a few reviews of both bikes (noting that the R1 reviews are all track reviews), and in my limited opinion, the S1000RR would appear to be the better option for everyday riding and also track when you want.

  17. Well thanks for all the advise guys think my mind is made up th BMW s1000rr looks like the best choice for me I was edging towards it anyway just got decide on new or demo not that big a saving $1500 but new one hasn't had every wanna be racer holding back the throttle to the stop so maybe new on is best unless anyone knows a dealer that offers a better deal ?????
  18. Bike sales has new s1000rr listed at 22999
  19. Yeh it's biker biz and that price is minus on rd and dealer costs best price I've got so far is from them and that's the 26,450 for the red paint and dynamic package not sure anywhere is gonna beat that thanks for lmk though
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong but you are not allowed to advertise without on roads??? I thought they passed a law regarding advertising to include on roads and bare minimum costs?