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Getting back on again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fixxer650, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Hi Netriders, Just a quick intro,my names Lewis ,i'm 47 from S.A., I am returning to thing i love most after a hiatus of 15 years, did the kids n family thing and now i'm keen to get riding again now the kids have mostly moved on. I am currently searching the classifieds/internet for a suitable bike and hopefully will be mobile very soon.
    Bikes have changed a lot in that time and i'm really excited to get back on again. Its great to have that feeling back again.
    Signed up so i can stay in the loop and chat with like minded people.
    Started riding at 17, bikes in order, DT175, LC350,GPZ600r,CBR600,CBR900,CBR1100xx
    See you on the forums,cheers,:finger:

  2. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. Good luck with your next bike.
  3. Welcome back Lewis! I bet you wish you'd kept those last two bikes.
  4. welcome back to the world of biking, Lewis8-|
    you have had a few nice bikes in the past, and things have changed a little with some of the machines available to us now.
    what are you thinking you might like to buy?
    you have had a couple of Yamahas, a Kwacker and three Hondas....maybe its time you treated yourself to a new Triumph:]:]
    not that I am brand biased or anything....
    whatever you buy, enjoy it. go easy, and keep it upright
  5. welcome aboard Lewis :]
  6. Welcome back to the ranks. Did similar myself earlier this year after the same sort of break, fantastic to be back on 2 wheels again! Enjoy testing out all the new toys and consider your riding position as you're older, super sport not ideal for everyone at this age. I'm more upright on a naked now and a hell of a lot more comfy than I was on my last bike which was an '89 GSX750R....
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  7. Hi Lewis and welcome to NR. Goodness,15 years without riding after you had been bitten by the bug was tough no doubt! Good luck with bike hunting :)
  8. Welcome in Lewis. Seeing that you have 15 years of riding to catch up on, you should consider hooking up with GoldNineGoldNine and heading to the Netrider meet up at Jindabyne in March.

    Happy bike hunting.
  9. Hope you find the bike you want - I am in the same boat - back to riding after a hiatus and searching for the 'right' machine!!
  10. Thanks to you all for the welcome, am still searching .for a suitable bike, unfortunately not too many for sale at the moment in South Oz, the eastern states have a lot more to choose from. I will be staying away from supersports bikes for the moment as i'm still a bit rusty and really want something that is going to be reasonably comfortable for the long rides. I;m having trouble deciding on engine capacity, i like some of the latest 600-650cc bikes ,but am worried that within a week they will feel underpowered, considering what i bikes i have owned in the past.So a brief short list is as follows, ER650 ,FZ6, Z750 ,SV650n ,XJ6 VFR800 and Bandit 1250, I'm leaning towards the last two.Feel free to make any other suggestions, my budget is around $5000-$7500,
  11. struggling to multiquote, disregard
  12. as above, grrr, i;ll get there, how do i delete posts?
  13. Welcome to NR...
  14. Without being rude Lewis after 15 years out any bike will feel like a rocket ship until you get your mojo back! All the best.
  15. Thank you,
  16. Think i have multi quote sorted, lets see how this goes. Thank you ,still searching and am really excited about getting back on.

    Thanks,and yes the blackbird was a tough decision,but was made easier because i had a major tankslapper at speed, which could have ended very badly,thought it best to stay safe for my family at the time.

    Thanks,i will be taking it very easy again at first, because i really need to re-learn my roadcraft again.I love Triumphs but don't really know a lot about the bikesof that brand that will be suitable for me.(are servicing costs and parts much more expensive that the jap bikes?) My brother owns a
    2012 Thunderbird, and he loves it!.I don't think a cruiser is for me at this time,

    Thanks for the welcome Jeffco, stay safe and upright.

    Thankyou,yes i have discounted all supersports at the moment, but damn the new Bmw1000rr and the new R1's look amazing.I will be settling for something a bit more comfy for the long days out.

    Thanks,yes 15 years has felt like a lifetime,but all will be forgotten once i'm riding again.I am just looking towards the future, i still hopefully have plenty of years left in me to continue riding.

    Thanks,yes i need to relearn a lot after such a long break, once i'm mobile again, i'll check your recommendation,still trying to get my head around the site at the moment,stay safe and upright.

    Thanks,i hope you find the bike your looking for,good luck on the roads.

    Thanks,i appreciate the welcome, see you on the boards,stay safe n upright,cheers

    P.s forgive me if this multiquote doesn't work as planned, i'm gonna just hit the post reply button and hope i havent made a complete mess of it! i copied and pasted into notepad so i don't have to rewrite it all.ok here goes.
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  17. Worked perfectly,yeehah!!
  18. Yes i know hey, sorry i missed u in the multiquote,(think i was doing it while u posted) bikes are so much more powerful now it seems, but i'm guessing that handling characteristics have also improved immensly.
    I will be taking it easy for some time to come i think,,feel pretty rusty.
    stay safe n upright Lionz,cheers.
  19. Mate you're going great, I've never even attempted s multi quote ....
  20. Thanks Chillibutton, Me to, surprised it worked, took a few attempts though.:finger: