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Getting Back into the game

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RainMann, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. G'day all,
    Sold the VTR1000 about a year ago, and itching again.
    Got my first car in about 7 years and I need two wheels.
    I'm looking for a bike with at least half of the following characteristics:

    - Between 600-750cc
    - $4000-$5000
    - I prefer v-twins
    - cheap to run
    - Not R6, Not CBR600, Not YZFR6, Not GSXR (I like em, but I want something else)
    - commuter friendly
    - pillion friendly

    The following is what I like, sort of in order of preference.
    Let me know what you thing, and why?

    SV 650
    TRX 850

    Do you own one? Good? Crap? Why?
    Let me know what else you think that SUITS the ABOVE descriptions, you can probably get an idea of what I like, and any suggestions are welcome,

  2. Vfr 800?...I enjoy mine & it does everything that I want from a bike.
  3. Second the VFR800 - had a stint on one as a pillion and quite enjoyed it. Felt pretty powerful, too. The SV650's are good, but apparently bland. No idea as I've never ridden one. TRX850's have a bit of a following, and are decent to ride. The others on your list are simply detuned versions of the supersports they were derived from.

    You may also like the Suzuki GS500, as its a twin-cylinder bike thats easy to maintain and good as a commuter and comfortable for pillions. They are also very reliable. The Kawasaki ER-6N is a big twin with good torque and reasonable power, apparently good for anything you throw at it. Still available new and lots on the used market.

    Of the bikes you list my pick would be the TRX850 - 270 degree crank emulates a 90 degree V-twin in power delivery and feel, and theres about 80hp there to play with, which is plenty for pillion duties and to indulge your inner hooligan. Reasonably light for its size, and some interesting aftermarket kit available. Also allegedly quite tough, and theres a detuned dual-sports version as well; the TDM850.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. If you want something a little different, how about a WeeStrom? Bit weird looking but everyone who's ever owned one raves about them.
  5. TRX850. Boingk is right. I have to say that because I own one.

    The only thing it will lack is pillion comfort, the pillion seat is rock hard & the footpegs are somewhere around head height... I'm removing mine very shortly.

    It's quite thin, so splitting is easy, very econimical, 380 klm off a tank on the open road, between 200-260 commuting, what else?

    I think it's actually thinner than an SV, at least the bars are anyway...

    Technically it's a parallel twin, but the firing order makes all the right noises, they sound every bit as good as a Ducati with the right pipes. Over-run is very nice!

    It's probably the most interesting bike on your list I reckon, not that I've ridden any of the others, though.

    Ah, comfort, yes, I find it very comfortable. Commuting I usually sit up, there's not too much weight on your wrists, but there's enough room to really get into it lay on the tank when you get fired up.

    So, to recap:
    - Between 600-750cc No.
    - $4000-$5000 Can be done, yes.
    - I prefer v-twins Uh...Kind of...
    - cheap to run Yes.
    - Not R6, Not CBR600, Not YZFR6, Not GSXR (I like em, but I want something else) Yes!
    - commuter friendly Definitely
    - pillion friendly ...er...
  6. Thanks for all the great answers guys.
    I think I've narrowed it down to TRX or SV. I've ridden both, great bikes, though the SV is more affordable.

    Love the gruntiness of the TRX, and the handling of the SV...

    The VFR isnt bad, though I like the naked look.
    The VTR1000 I had for a few years was awesome, and the SV is probably the closest to that.

    Love going bike shopping,

    Thanks again guys, I'll be back on two wheels by the end of the weekend,
  7. SV 900 ????
    One bike I always enjoy throwing a leg over is the kawasaki ZXR 1100

    - Between 600-750cc .... No twice that. You came off a liter bike. A few weeks and you will want another liter bike. And these things will move continents. Run forever. And are as comfy as a Jason recliner

    - $4000-$5000.... Absodudely. Pay no more than 5 large for one. We were selling them new for $7999 back in 07

    - I prefer v-twins..... Yep me too. but if you can find a twin as smooth with as much torque as one of these...buy it.

    - cheap to run Yes.... Personally I think the bike is cheaper to run is a total falicy. Add up buy in. What you can do with it. Gear, insurance, rego. Its a lifestyle not a piggy bank. If you want cheap buy a push bike.

    - Not R6, Not CBR600, Not YZFR6, Not GSXR (I like em, but I want something else) @ 48 I can relate to that. But I still have to have my sports bike.

    - commuter friendly..... Absodudely. See Jason recliner.

    - pillion friendly. My girlfriend falls asleep on the back of these. The best seat. The most egronomic grab rails.

    Also one that is off the radar as far as the law and criminals are concerned. Think sleeper beast. As I said I really do love throwing a leg over these bikes. Comfy. Heaps of grunt. dead reliable. Cheap buy in. There like your best dog. Loyal, true and never an embarressment.
  8. SV 650 - everyone i know who's had one has raved about it! (about 10 people) :D
  9. Viffer, sv or vstrom. Never ridden a trixie but i hear good things.